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See Korn's Fieldy Reveal His Unorthodox Mixed-Media Painting Series "Izms"

Bassist talks creating art with toy slime, Elmer's glue during "difficult" time in his life

"From February 2018-February 2019, during a difficult time in my life, I unexpectedly began a journey of mixed media painting on canvas, the result are these 10 characters I created that I call Izms," reports Korn bassist Reginald Quincy "Fieldy" Arvizu in a note posted to Facebook yesterday, April 15th. In the accompanying video (see above), the musician then introduces viewers to his collection of mixed-media visual art characters, which he is currently selling on eBay. 

"As I was painting, I didn't know until I got into this and discovered there's no rules really," he says while sitting among his 10 creations. Fieldy then goes on to explain his process of mixing unorthodox materials such as his daughter's toy slime and Elmer's glue with acrylic paint to alter the texture and appearance of each piece. 

The bassist admits he didn't even know the meaning of "mixed media" before beginning the project, and describes the learning process as "fun" once he realized there weren't rules or limits to what one can create in art. His final collection is a limited run of colorful, exaggerated cartoon characters that he'll be signing before shipping off to prospective buyers with the highest bids. 

The paintings are currently raking in bids for anywhere from $300 to $800 dollars, with six days left before the auctions end. Find a full list of available work in the video's description here.