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See Lamb of God's Randy Blythe Lead Wild Protest Against Westboro Baptist Church

Wearing flamboyant attire and playing kazoos, singer and supporters confronted hate group, who were rallying against Virginia representative Danica Roem
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Lamb of God's dynamic front man Randy Blythe announced via Instagram stories yesterday (March 10th) that he planned to lead a counter-protest against the hate group Westboro Baptist Church — who planned to descend on Virginia's State Capitol in Richmond to rally against Virginia House of Delegates representative Danica Roem. Roem, who is a personal friend of Blythe, is a heavy metal musician and fan and the first openly transgender person to be elected to the Virginia General Assembly. "When people like this show up in our community," Blythe told followers, "we have no choice but to greet them en masse with some of our famous Southern hospitality." 

Following through on his promise this morning (March 11th), Blythe led what he called a 'counter-party,' where he and attendees donned flamboyant attire and participated in the raucous musical event (complete with free kazoos) that successfully overpowered the hateful rhetoric spewed by notoriously anti-LGBTQ church. 


"These people are coming out and speaking a bunch of ignorance about my friend," Blythe told local news outlet the Virginia Mercury. "I don't like that. So we came out and just drowned them out. That's the easiest way. There's no point in engaging these people."

Clips like those taken by rally-goers below show an enthusiastic Blythe dancing about in a cowboy hat and feather boa, obviously having a great time among fellow counter-protestors. Pounding away percussively on buckets and blowing through various plastic horns, the folks in attendance seem to have successfully outnumbered the Westboro protestors and demonstrated against their unwelcome presence in the Virginia capital city. In a more recent story posted to the singer's IG story, a reporter claims Blythe's protest had twice the people Westboro's group did, but Blythe contended it was "more than 20 times their size." 

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(Please re-post!) ATTENTION! PEOPLE OF RICHMOND! CALLING ALL FREAKS, WEIRDOS, MISFITS, & REGULAR PEOPLE OF GOOD CONSCIOUS! This coming Monday, March 11, 2019, the buffoons of the #WESTBOROBAPTISTCHURCH (AKA the “God Hates Fags” losers) are coming to our fair city of Richmond, VA. They will be at our state Capitol at 9 am, then over by VCU at 9:45, spreading their bizarre brand of hate mongering. Why? They are protesting my friend, a fairly elected member of the Virginia House of Delegates, Danica Roem- Danica is an award-winning journalist, a heavy metal musician & all-around #RIPPER (who happens to be a trans-woman.) These “Christians” are always picketing military funerals, Kansas City Chiefs football games, the funerals of people killed by natural disasters– their insane activities are too many to list. They even picketed at the funerals of #FredRogers & tried to find the funereal of #LeonardNimoy (but they failed- ha!) - WHO PROTESTS THE FUNERALS OF THOSE TWO GREATEST OF AMERICAN MISTERS, MISTER ROGERS & MISTER SPOCK?!?!? THEY PICKETED DIO’S FUNEREAL- oh, HELL NO. And these people are coming to MY TOWN?!?? They have left me no choice- in the name of all that is GOOD & JUST in this world, in the name of PUNK ROCK & HEAVY METAL, in the name of #MISTERROGERS & #MISTERSPOCK, IN THE NAME OF MY BELOVED FRIEND #DAVEBROCKIE (R.I.P.)... I COMMAND YOU TO JOIN ME FOR A COUNTER-PARTY!!! NOT a counter-PROTEST, because that would entail arguing with these idiots (which is USELESS), but a COUNTER-PARTY. I WILL BE BRINGING 100 KAZOOS- WE WILL HAVE A #KAZOO #CHAMPAGNEJAM. WE WILL PLAY THE “BENNY HILL” & “SANFORD & SONS” THEME SONGS. WE WILL DROWN THEM OUT WITH CHEAP BUZZING PLASTIC NOISE MAKERS. I will also be bringing a BRAND NEW 100 DOLLAR BILL as a CASH PRIZE for BEST COSTUME worn to the #COUNTERPARTY. A hundred kazoos AND a hundred dollar prize?!?? IT’S ALMOST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. So Monday, MARCH 11, 2019, 9 AM, VIRGINIA STATE CAPITOL- PUT ON YOUR CORPSEPAINT, YOUR RAINBOW WIG, YOUR INFLATABLE SUMO WRESTLER COSTUME. FLY YOUR FREAK FLAG HIGH! LET’S PARTY!!!!!

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