See 'Macgyver' Actors Get Tortured By Pig Destroyer's "The Bug" in Recent Episode | Revolver

See 'Macgyver' Actors Get Tortured By Pig Destroyer's "The Bug" in Recent Episode

'Book Burner' cut delivered maximum agony for the captive, battered stars

While extreme metal generally has no safe space in the mainstream, sometimes snippets slip through as the steel curtain lifts between the two worlds. Grindcore outfit Pig Destroyer saw themselves straddling the line between worlds on the January 4th episode of recently resurrected action series Macgyver

The band took to Facebook themselves to post video of their song's appearance on the show, hilariously enough during a torture scene in what appears to be a prison cell. "The Bug" from 2012 album Book Burner begins to play after an ominous voice booms a countdown over an intercom system, and the battered hostages quickly rush to cover their ears and grimace as a brief clip from the track is pumped through the speakers. It's all over in less than twelve seconds, and the actors uncover their ears in visible relief but obviously shaken from their brief foray into the world of PxDx. 

If you're not familiar, you can listen to the original song below. Granted you're not a spy from the outside world coming to peek in at the evils of heavy metal subculture, you'll probably agree it isn't actually all that bad. Hopefully this short stint in the spotlight won't garner too much attention for the band, who told Revolver last September, "We don't want to be any bigger than we are because we couldn't deal with that."