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See Mayhem Singer's Ominous Knife-Play Scene in Grim New 'Lords of Chaos' Teaser

Feature film on Norwegian black-metal scene arrives in theaters on February 8th
'Lords Of Chaos' clip, 2019

Another chilly preview is now available from the upcoming film Lords of Chaos, adapted from the book of the same name that chronicles the beginnings of the early Nineties Norwegian black metal scene, particularly with the band Mayhem. 

In the scene, central character in the story Dead (the band's onetime leader) entering a room with knife poised to stab a sleeping figure as an overdubbed voice declares, "You're terror incarnate, ruler of chaos and death. Everyone around you are worthless, disgusting little insects." The atmosphere tenses as Dead raises the knife overhead, and the voice growls out, "We are lords of chaos!" 

The scene fades out, flashing the title onscreen at the end. While overall spooky and grim in presence, the clip manages to also encapsulate the general feel of the era that, in hindsight, seems like young men taking themselves very seriously while parading around in corpse paint and enacting violence to validate their sinister and youthful beliefs. 

See below for another trailer for the film, out at the end of this month and set for a wider limited release on February 8th. For fans who want to view the film but don't live near a participating theater, the movie will be available on disc and streaming platforms beginning February 22nd.