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See Michael Myers Attack Laurie Strode in Terrifying First Full 'Halloween' Clip

Deranged killer is back for new battle with escaped victim

With the film's release less than a month away, the folks behind the upcoming Halloween have finally unleashed a blood-curdling clip featuring a showdown between protagonist Laurie Strode and the violently unhinged murderer Michael Myers. Strode appears at home with her adult daughter when the killer shows up and she grabs a rifle to take on the madman. While clinging to the gun with her back against the front door, she is violently grabbed by Myers as his arms burst through the glass on either side of her head. The terror of the tension-bursting moment is cut short, but muffled screams and the sound of Laurie's head banging against the wooden door clue viewers in to what follows in the scene.

While fans have just a short wait left to find out the conclusion to this direct sequel to the 1978 original (meaning it ignores all other entries in the franchise), the first film's writer, director and musical director John Carpenter dropped an updated version of his iconic theme song a few weeks back, and trailers and previews continue to roll out almost weekly. Watch the first full Halloween clip above and catch the full film in theaters everywhere October 19th if you dare.