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See Michael Myers Make Grisly Return in First Trailer for 'Halloween' Sequel

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis reprises role of Laurie Strode for reboot of classic 1978 horror film

Forty years after making his hair-raising, nightmare-inducing debut, iconic horror baddie Michael Myers is back for another blood-soaked Halloween. A trailer for the David Gordon Green-directed film — billed as both a reboot and a direct sequel to John Carpenter's 1978 classic – has just been revealed, showcasing a struggle between the silent slasher and his longtime arch-nemesis Laurie Strode, who's played once again by Jamie Lee Curtis.

But wait, you ask, isn't Michael supposed to be in prison? He was, but unfortunately for Laurie and her family, the killer managed to escape, reclaim his signature mask and pick up where his last campaign of terror left off. His former babysitter might be a grandmother now, but as Curtis recently told USA Today, she's not going down without a fight. "In this case, she is well-matched, she is prepared, she is focused," the actress explained. "She will be the one people are standing behind when that moment comes, because she's the one ready." Your move, Michael.

David Gordon Green's Halloween hits theaters October 19th.