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See Motörhead's Mikkey Dee Create Ultra-Pimped Snaggletooth Lawnmower

Drummer's dream machine comes to life with help from Briggs & Stratton

He might be better known for his wicked skills behind the kit, but it turns out longtime Motörhead drummer Mikkey Dee also has quite the eye for design when it comes to the finest in at-home lawn care. 

Partnering with manufacturing company Briggs & Stratton, Dee set to bringing his dream machine to life. The video above shows the drummer finding inspiration in the cover of Orgasmatron, in which Motörhead's Snaggletooth mascot is transformed into the image of a living hell-train, slamming furiously down a set of fiery tracks. He gets to work sketching this out with the B&S assistant, adding cool touches like a radio and band logo to the rig. 

"Can you imagine the person that gets to ride on this," Dee asks after giving the finished product a thorough once-over, noting the sturdiness of the details and practice drum pad included on the back of the seat. "And there's the stereo!" he exclaims as the music starts pumping and he rides off into the yard, shearing down wayward grass as he throws a triumphant fist in the air. 

The lawnmower will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to a yet-unspecified charity. "I think a lot when I cut the grass," Dee told Briggs & Stratton. Find out more information on their official website here