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See Pantera and Motörhead Get 'Jeopardy!' Question Shoutout

An easy gimme about 'Vulgar Display of Power' and 'No Remorse'

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If you were a metalhead watching Jeopardy! last night then you probably thought to yourself, "Shit, I can be on this show." One of the questions on the renowned quiz program mentioned specific albums by Motörhead and Pantera that anyone with even the vaguest familiarity with heavy music could've answered correctly. 

Roughly three minutes into June 8th's episode, a contestant named Molly selected the $200 pick in the "Musical Genres" category of the board, and the question was one for the headbangers. "Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power and Motörhead's No Remorse made Rolling Stone's Top 100 Albums of this genre," asked the host.

Clearly, anyone watching at home who's ever appreciated a distorted guitar tone could've gotten that one, and thankfully, it took less than a second for another contestant named Verlinda to hit the button and respond correctly with "metal." The host clarified that the technical answer was "heavy metal," but yes, that is the umbrella genre that Motörhead' and Pantera fall under. 

Watch the clip above via YouTube and then go fill out a Jeopardy! application. Easy peasy.