See Robin Break Necks, Dodge Bullets, Curse Batman in Edgy New 'Titans' Trailer | Revolver

See Robin Break Necks, Dodge Bullets, Curse Batman in Edgy New 'Titans' Trailer

Violent live-action 'Teen Titans' adaptation hits DC's new streaming service this fall

DC Universe has revealed the first trailer for Titans, a gritty live-action Teen Titans adaptation airing on the comic giant's new streaming site later this year. Those seeking a faithful remake of the lighthearted animated series are in for a major shock: This rendition casts Robin as an angst-written vigilante (Brenton Thwaites) with a bad case of acne and a bone to pick with Bruce Wayne. In one of the most unintentionally campy moments in DC trailer history, we see him brutally kill a bunch of bad guys before seething, "Fuck Batman." (What, did the caped crusader change his Netflix password or something?)

The rest of the Titans are all there, too, of course. There's Raven (Teagan Croft), a moody girl with dark powers; literal hot-head Starfire (Anna Drop); and Beast Boy (Ryan Potter), a green-haired teen who can morph into fearsome critters at will. The only one absent from the teaser is Cyborg — an omission that's ostensibly due to continuity concerns, given his role in last year's Justice League

Speaking to reporters at Comic-Con today (July 19th), DC Entertainment Publisher and Chief Creative Officer Jim Lee stated that Titans' first season will comprise 10 episodes, premiered in tandem with the launch of the DC Universe streaming service, Gamespot points out. It's expected to air this fall, although a specific date has yet to be announced.