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See Slayer-Themed Salad Commercial From 'Colbert' Show

"Slayer Spring Mix" boasts greeny delights like "Savage Cabbage" and "Kale Satan"

A funny new sketch on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert imagines what a Slayer-themed salad brand would look like. Parodying a real-life brand partnership between the Grateful Dead and an actual salad company, the show cooked up a fake commercial advertising a brutal crossover between the ferocious metal band and a leafy lettuce seller. 

"Wishing your lettuce blend had a little more edge?," the narrator asks while a gleeful woman prances about her kitchen while clutching a healthful spread. Suddenly, the guy's voice drops a few octaves and footage of Slayer performing flashes onto the screen while he introduces "Slayer Spring Mix." Unlike the thrice-washed Grateful Dead salad mix, "Slayer Spring Mix" is only washed twice and boasts a variety of devilish lettuces — Murderlust Mesclun, Savage Cabbage and Kale Satan. 

It's pretty hysterical and honestly looks pretty damn delicious. Check it out above (and keep your eyes peeled for a quick flash of Gojira's Joe Duplantier) via YouTube.