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See Sorority Sisters Fight Insane Irish Pixie in New 'Leprechaun Returns' Trailer

Film is direct sequel to 1993's original gore-filled madcap cult hit

With the manufactured mirth and familial obligations coming soon with the holiday season, some good old fashioned gross-out B-movie shenanigans are just the thing many will need to make it through the new year. Luckily, horror nerds have just the treat coming soon with Leprechaun Returns, a direct sequel to the original 1993 film starring the titular Leprechaun as a murderous, revenge-starved, gold-obsessed maniac who comes back to life to wreak havoc when possible. 

In this goofy, gory preview, we see sorority sisters from Alpha Upsilon decide to go off the grid and move into a house way off campus with no internet and only a well to gather their water. They mistakenly wake the Leprechaun, who was thrown into the well by the main character's mother and her friends years prior, left to rot. The creature has a stash of gold buried somewhere near the house, but to gain enough mojo to find it, he must first power up through brutal murder, which results in tons of absurd kill scenes and hilariously creepy quotes from the bitsy killer. 

Set for release through Lionsgate on Digital and On Demand, the movie will be available December 11th. Director Steven Kostanski is at the helm, and actor Mark Holton will return for a role for the first time since the 1993 original (no Jennifer Aniston cameo though, sadly).