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See Stoner-Doom Band Green Druid Compete in "Weed Olympics"

Eight weeks. 16 strains. Only one will emerge victorious.
Green Druid

As of this writing, the International Olympics Committee has yet to recognize bong rips as a form of competitive sport. Displeased by this grave oversight, the Colorado doom band Green Druid are taking matters into their own resin-caked hands, with their self-created Weed Olympics. The "competition," running now through April 20th (but of course), is a smoke-off for the ages, pitting 16 of the dankest strains against each other. Only one will emerge victorious.

The rules are as follows: Each week, Green Druid will film themselves smoking two varieties of sticky icky back to back, followed by their respective takes on the good stuff. After puffing, they'll pass it over to the fans, who'll decide the winning strain via Twitter poll. ("Clearly, we used the most scientific processes to determine a winner," they write; sadly, neither samples nor Funyuns will not be provided).

Watch the first two episodes of Green Druid's Weed Olympics below via Instagram. Be on the lookout for the group's debut album Ashen Blood, due out March 16th via Earache.