See Wild Trailer For Zombie Thriller 'Overlord' Featuring AC/DC's "Hell's Bells" | Revolver

See Wild Trailer For Zombie Thriller 'Overlord' Featuring AC/DC's "Hell's Bells"

J.J. Abrams–produced wartime horror movie hits theaters November 9th

The first trailer for the J.J. Abrams–produced, World War II–themed horror movie Overlord has arrived. Our explosive first look at the film is soundtracked by AC/DC's classic song "Hell's Bells." Given how the flick centers around a American paratrooper fleet at war with zombified Nazis, one could say the track's a damn good fit for this particular trailer — after all, if that's not hell, we don't know what is.

Directed by Julius Avery (Son of a Gun, Kings of LA), Overlord follows said paratrooper squadron who stumble upon a mysterious, heavily-guarded facility after being shot down over France amid the Allied invasion of Europe; they soon discover that Nazi scientists have been engineering horrific, undead super-soldiers to aid in the fight — and that's when the flamethrowers come out. Though the film was initially reported as the fourth entry in Abrams' beloved horror series Cloverfield, the producer has framed Overlord as a standalone film unconnected to the aforementioned franchise.

Check out Overlord in theaters on November 9th.