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See WWE's Bray Wyatt Unveil Creepy New Mask by Horror Master Tom Savini's Team

Fresh off working with Slipknot's Corey Taylor, legendary special FX artist shows off twisted vision again

It's a busy year for the actor, stuntman and legendary special FX makeup artist Tom Savini: he's recently finished creating a new mask for Slipknot ringleader Corey Taylor (who shared candid shots of the process back in February), and now his team has brought their grotesque creative skills to the WWE to help returning behemoth Bray Wyatt concoct a chilling facade sure to scare children and their dads at home watching alike. 

Monday Night RAW has been slowly reworking Wyatt into the picture again, taking the former cult leader's story arc into even more unsettling territory with his hosting gig for a mock children's show called the Firefly Fun House. Featuring an off-kilter sense of decor wrapped up in the sinister atmosphere of a Mr. Rogers-esque show, Wyatt emerges in a recent clip to show off his new face to his puppet partners in crime: Mercy the Buzzard, Abby the Witch and Rambling Rabbit.

"This week, I have a secret," Wyatt exclaims in a childlike tone, shushing the viewers into secrecy. "It's almost time to show the world what I've really been working on." As the brute continues his descent into creepy madness and asks if folks are ready for his secret, the scene flashes a collage of eerie dollhouse images before Wyatt reemerges in striped leggings, a leather jacket, and the nightmarish mask designed for him by Savini and his team.

Bearing blackened eye sockets and exaggerated stretched skin details, the wide-set smile and brightly colored contacts worn by Wyatt accentuate every last crevice of the brilliant monstrosity. A Jigsaw-inspired voice recites "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" while the wrestler poses and sways, ending with a simple "Owee Wowee" before fading to black. 

Check out the full clip above.