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Slayer Collaborate With Toy Maker on 'Show No Mercy' Cover Art Action Figure

Super7's demonic "Minotaur" comes with cape and sword accessories
slayer PRESS 1980s, Alex Solca
Slayer, circa 1980s
photograph by Alex Solca

Super7 — the same company that brought you King Diamond, Iron Maiden and Misfits-themed ReAction Figures — has revealed the latest offering in their line of metal-themed toys for the discerning collector: "Minotaur," a three-inch plastic model of Slayer's demonic goat-man character from the cover of the thrashers' 1983 debut album Show No Mercy. 

Featuring a cape and sword accessories and sleek packaging inspired by the iconic cover, the figure features a chiseled chest, furry legs and combat boots, and is topped with a spooky goat head complete with a glowing, flaming crown and blood-red eyes for an authentic recreation of the infamous character, which was painted by a friend's dad, based on photos he took of how the group stood during live performances.

The toy retails for $15 and is available now on the Super7 website. The company started as a magazine devoted to exploring obscure vintage Japanese toys in 2001, with the owners eventually incorporating their "backgrounds in punk rock, skateboarding, fanzines, design, and production" to create a product they wished was available elsewhere. Currently their retail location is situated in San Francisco's Mission District.