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Slipknot Invite Fans to "Wear the Masks" With New Facebook Lenses

Corey? Mick? Clown? Which band member will you be?
SLIPKNOT 2019 PRESS USE THIS ONE, Alexandria Crahan Conway
photograph by Alexandria Crahan Conway

With the pending release of We Are Not Your Kind just days away and a wild North American tour that's already kicked off with a bang, Slipknot are giving Maggots everywhere the chance to experience life behind the masks via a handy lense on Facebook's photo app. By clicking the link in the embedded post below, you'll be sent a notification on your Facebook app that lets you know you're ready to "Wear the masks," as the band beckons in the caption. 

The first option to pop up is the sinister visage of guitarist Jim Root, but by tapping the screen, you can scroll through the remaining eight possibilities and see what you'd look like as each of the members' characters. Should you choose to take a video rather than a photo, the clip will play back with the Nine's hit single "Unsainted" playing on a short loop in the background. 

We Are Not Your Kind is set to drop August 9th via Roadrunner Records. Slipknot are out on the road until — and beyond — then on the first-ever Knotfest Roadshow