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"A Star Is Korn": Watch Hilariously Bizarre Nu-Metal Parody of 'A Star Is Born'

Comedians Anna Salinas, Heather Alarcón Higginbotham reimagine Jonathan Davis' success within framework of hit Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga film

In case you've been living under a rock that prevents you from hearing the god-awful sounds that dominate the mainstream, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's duet "Shallow" won an Oscar and a slew of other awards this past season after its inclusion in their copy-of-a-copy film A Star Is Born. From a reimagined world where Gaga's dramatic overacting is replaced by the subtle scatting of nu-metal icon Jonathan Davis comes the film's ingenious (or ingeniously stupid) parody, A Star Is Korn

Comedians Anna Salinas and Heather Alarcón Higginbotham star as the intimately entwined leads, a washed up country star with faith in an up-and-comer Jonathan Davis — a performer afraid to let his true magic shine until the confidence inspired by this new friend allows him and his scraggly, drawn-on facial hair and cheap wig to find footing on stage doing what he does best: charming the crowd with his signature rap-metal scat routine and writhing sensually in an Adidas track suit. 

We won't pretend to know how the fuck this came to be, but we're pretty glad it did. With the drawn-out awards shows finally over and Korn embarking on a summer tour with grunge legends Alice in Chains, it's nice to sit back and laugh at the two lead actors gazing romantically at one another while refrains from "Freak on a Leash" play gently in the background. Scenes showing the two riding a scooter down an empty street and lounging in one another's laps while writing music really take the piss out of the overly sappy original, culminating in a montage of hilariously dramatic interactions lifted straight from the trailer of the OG.