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Texas Christians Pray Against Ghost: "They Are All About Bringing Glory to Satan"

"This kind of band will bring spiritual influences into this area," says local pastor Larry Long
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photograph by Mikael Eriksson

The good people of Midland, Texas, took a stance against Satanism this past weekend, when they held a public prayer circle in hopes of exorcising the evils of a certain Swedish troupe of miscreants. That troupe, of course, was Ghost — led by aspiring devil-pope Cardinal Copia — who were playing a show in the town's Wagner Noël Performing Arts Center on Sunday. This perturbed a local pastor named Larry Long enough for him to take up spiritual arms against the band, because, as he told Midland's local CBS outlet, "We believe the devil is real, just as we believe God is real."

"The fact that they describe themselves as a worship band for Satan is, I think, quite shocking. And I think most of our community would be surprised to learn that," he said. "They cover their faces with masks that look like devils in their concerts, and they are all about worshipping and bringing glory to Satan. And it's just not the thing I think most of Permian Basin would be happy to have in our community."

Obviously Ghost's show went off without a hitch, and as of press time there is not a plague of toads or a swarm of locust coursing through the streets of Midland. So hats off to Long for fending off the pestilence. Ghost continues their tour into the American heartland with shows in North Charleston, South Caronlina, and Mobile, Alabama, next week.