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'Thor: Love and Thunder' Director Loves Metallica, Anthrax, Guns N' Roses

Taika Waititi is a lifelong metalhead who channeled heavy sounds and visuals into new Marvel film
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Buoyed by four classic Guns N' Roses tracks and seething with pure metal electricity, Thor: Love and Thunder is being hailed as Marvel's most metal movie. That's saying something given that the Thor: Ragnarok made heavy use of Led Zeppelin music, and the Iron Man films unforgettably employed Black Sabbath in AC/DC to full effect.

Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi revealed in an interview with Loudersound that he grew up a metalhead and the genre's influence — from art style to attitude — inform the entirety of the film. 

Asked by Loudersound what he listened to as a teen, Waititi replied, "I listened to everything. But at an early age I was like very much into, like, AC/DC and then Guns N' Roses. And then, you remember that mash-up with Public Enemy and Anthrax? [1991's "Bring the Noise"]"

"I was already a massive fan of Public Enemy and Metallica...in the early 90s, when I was at school, basically, those are the two music genres I would listen to, just metal and rap. And so that was, sort of, like the soundtrack to my childhood."

Asked how Guns N' Roses became so prominent in the Love and Thunder, Waititi replied that "instead of going on, you know, PornHub, I'll go and watch old Guns N' Roses music videos because I just loved the band." 

Waititi explained that while he had planned to use "November Rain" in one battle scene early on, a crew member pointed out that they'd need more music. " And I come from an independent film background, and if you get, you know, 10 seconds of a famous song you're lucky," Waititi said. " And then it was like, 'We should have more Guns N' Roses songs!" 

Don't we always need more Guns N' Roses songs? Right on.