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TOBIAS FORGE confirms GHOST are making a movie

"It's going to be a film with a concert element"
Ghost Tobias Forge 2022 Hubbard 1600x900, Jimmy Hubbard
Ghost's Tobias Forge
photograph by Jimmy Hubbard

Ghost are going to Hollywood — sort of. The Swedish occult-rock giants recently completed a two-night residency at the Forum in Inglewood, California, in which the band prohibited audience members from bringing in phones, and a professional camera crew were there filming the whole set. 

Now, Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge has confirmed everyone's suspicions: Ghost are making a movie. In a new interview with Metal Hammer, Forge revealed that a Ghost film in is in the works, and that it'll include footage from those California concerts "with something else combined."

"We were essentially shooting a film," Forge admitted of the cameras at the Forum gigs.. "And we used two nights of crowds as extras.

"It's going to be a film with a concert element. So a lot of what you experienced [at the two L.A. shows] is going to be part of this project."

Later, the interviewer asked if Ghost's movie will be comparable to Metallica's 2013 film, Through the Never, which blurred live concert footage with a fictional thriller narrative, taking inspiration from Pink Floyd's The Wall

"In the sense that it's a concert with something else combined," Forge responded cryptically of his upcoming movie's format. 

He didn't give away anymore details about the film, but he did emphasize that the shows Ghost played while filming at the Forum were the best in the band's entire history. 

"I have never seen a crowd interact the way that they did since I was in a club band," he adds. "They were the best shows I've ever done with Ghost, just because I didn't have to see those fucking mobile phones."