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Vans, Snow Globes and BMX Bikes: See Slayer Look Back on 37 Years of Wild Merch

Kerry King, Tom Araya reveal favorite Slayer swag in Episode 7 of 'Early Days' video series

Not only are Slayer one the most respected, vicious and influential thrash-metal bands of all time — they also have some of the most iconic and totally badass branding of any band, ever. Not that you need proof, but their logo and iconography is so strong they even managed to transform a snow globe from a cheesy tchotchke into something you'd find in the apocalypse gift shop on your way to hell.

In the latest episode of Slayer's 'Early Days' video series — which they've been rolling out in conjunction with their final tour — the band digs into their legacy of crazy merch, and chooses their favorite "Slayer Swag" from their career.

"I think there's a lot of cool shit," Tom Araya says to open the video, revealing that even from the group's start he wanted there to be a "product line" aspect for the band. He then goes on to talk about their first big brand collaboration with skateboard company Vans, who produced an all-black leather shoe with a blood-stained interior that captured their essence well, and sold quickly, leading to even more shoes.

Later in the clip, the rest of the band talks about their favorite Slayer items. Guitarist Gary Holt gives love to the aforementioned snow globe, drummer Paul Bostaph brings up the Repentless box set with the band's signature eagle and swords logo, and Kerry King shouts out the Subrosa bicycle collaboration. It's a fun watch, and a reminder just how far Slayer's aesthetic and branding reaches.