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Watch Bill Murray Kill Zombies in Hilarious, Gory New 'The Dead Don't Die' Teaser

Adam Driver, Iggy Pop, Selena Gomez, RZA, more also star in director Jim Jarmusch's upcoming horror-comedy film

We're closing in on the June 14th release of master auteur Jim Jarmusch's latest cinematic creation: the zombie apocalypse horror comedy film The Dead Don't Die. Today, May 8th, we're treated to a new video teasing just how the star-studded cast of Bill Murray and Adam Driver and more will slay the film's zombies. 

Starring as two small-town police officers driving along on their beat, Murray and Driver appear to be at the cusp of a battle when the former asks, "How the fuck do you kill a zombie?" A quick flash to a cemetery mob of the undead flashes across the screen in time for rule 1: Choose your weapon. Various characters played by actors such as Tilda Swinton and Steve Buscemi appear wielding various tools of monster destruction, like guns, swords, and a box full of axes in preparation for the next item. 

Step two: Kill the head. Driver leans out the window of the squad car and uses a baseball bat to bash a zombie's brains into smithereens, Murray uses a trusty shotgun to get the job done, and a third clip shows a local getting creative with a large pair of hedge trimmers, then the scene jumps back to Driver's character reaffirming, "It's the only way to kill them." 

The third and most simple step is to repeat. A flood of violent but laughable deaths appears, leading to a showdown where the gruesome walkers surround the car while the stars and now their partner Chloe Sevigny hunker down to make plans. See how they escape the nightmare when The Dead Don't Die hits theaters June 14th.