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Watch Brian "Head" Welch Discuss How He "Followed God Right Back Into Korn"

Guitarist talks finding faith, rejoining band in new video for Christian nonprofit I Am Second

Guitarist Brian "Head" Welch famously left Korn in 2005 after a struggle with meth addiction and the sudden oncoming of single fatherhood, as outlined and analyzed in the new movie Loud Krazy Love that debuts on Showtime this Friday, December 14th. To address that time in his life and the moment when he knew it was time to come back to the band with a renewed sense of strength and purpose, Welch appeared in a short film for I Am Second, a multimedia, not-for-profit Christian organization whose purpose is to "inspire people to put Christ first." 

In a newly released trailer, the musician briefly outlines the well-known tale of how he left Korn after the birth of his daughter, as well as the story of how he met up with his former bandmates at the Carolina Rebellion festival several years ago and a chance reunion performing the song "Blind" left the group and fans emotional for weeks, prompting his return to the fold. "I started getting a tug in my heart after reconnecting with those guys just as friends," he recalls, "After a few meetings with them, my heart started to be informed ... about what my future is going to be." 

He then discusses coming back to the band and the excitement surrounding it, outlining how his strong faith allows him to attend and play shows without abandoning his faith. "It's not the most popular thing to do at a rock concert, is talk about Christ. Now I'm doing it because it's the most realest thing that's happened to me in my life," says Head. 

This is his second collaboration with I Am Second. Check out the footage from his earlier contribution below, from 2012.