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Watch Gwar Rate Asses, Premarital Sex, Elon Musk, Rihanna, More

Virginia shock rockers even rate themselves: "We're gods ... criminally underrated"

Pustulus Maximus and Blothar — of Richmond's favorite shock rockers Gwar — recently hit Pitchfork's studios for a hilarious episode of Over/Under where they rated everything from toilet paper ("What's that?") to nocturnal emissions ("thick pee").

The raunchy and hysterical duo also have a decent bit to say about celebrities like billionaire tycoon Elon Musk. "It really is gross though, that name. It sounds like a gland that you push on to relieve your dog's anal pressure," says Blothar.

Rihanna gets a fairly better treatment from Pustulus, who says "Oh yeah, bad girl RiRi, I follow her on Instagram. 'Sup?"

In addition to talking everything from eating ass to letting kittens pee on your roommates' clothes, Blothar and Pustulus also take a minute to wax philosophical on God himself. Blothar chimes in, "At first, my instinct is to say that God is overrated and then I remember about, you know, all the horrible shit that's been done in the name of God, and he starts to seem alright ... I think of Gwar — we're Gods, criminally underrated," he finishes before Pustulus adds, "The only ones you need to worship." 

The grody group just finished a short run in December alongside Iron Reagan and Against the Grain, and will reportedly start composing tracks for their new record now that tour is complete. "We have a fuck-ton of songs in the bank, so I'd have to say as soon as we get back from this tour, it's time to start writing," Pustulus told Bullet Music in November, continuing "Then again, who am I? Who am I to say? I'm just a lowly, lead, handsome guitar player in the band." 

Below, watch what happened when Revolver met up with Gwar at Warped Tour's San Diego and Pomona, California, stops to chronicle the (very NSFW) madness, from bloody showers to presidential assassinations in effigy.