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Watch Hilarious Babymetal-Inspired Hot Chocolate Commercials From Japan

Hail Mamametal!

Back in 2016, dutch hot chocolate brand Van Houten unveiled a Japanese ad campaign featuring three amazing spots parodying pop-metal superstars Babymetal — who, of course, are revered worldwide for 2014's choco-themed smash "Gimme Chocolate!!" Now, over two years after their initial airing, Van Houten's Babymetal-inspired spots are circulating the web once more, subtitles included, thanks to a viral AsianCrush Facebook post.

The hilarious ads recast a working mother as the frontwoman of a death-metal band known, naturally, as Mamametal. Their songs brutally detail everyday domestic woes, such as lazy spouses, phones ringing off the hook and kids oversleeping and wasting food, while their audience consists of children and, at one point, a cadre of headbanging shrimp sticks. What more could you possibly want, aside from some hot chocolate?

As for the actual Babymetal, they recently announced a world tour. The jaunt, which kicks off May 8th in Kansas City, Missouri, marks the band's first performances since the passing of Babymetal's Kami Band guitarist Mikio Fujioka, who died in late December 2017. Find a full itinerary here. Babymetal's last album, Metal Resistance, came out in 2016.

Here's "Gimme Chocolate!!"— because why not: