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Watch Randy Blythe Cameo in Taiwanese Band Chthonic's Upcoming Action-Comedy

Lamb of God frontman gets lost in translation
Randy Blythe Screencap

Back in 2014, Randy Blythe flew to Taiwan to film a cameo in Tshiong, a new action-comedy from the Taiwanese metal band Chthonic. The Lamb of God frontman previously described his role as "an exaggerated, rock star version of himself," who participates in "a bit of civil unrest" (read: a riot) alongside the film's main character. Now we're finally getting a chance to watch him in action in a new trailer for Tshiong, which hits Taiwanese theaters December 29th. Sadly, we don't catch a glimpse of Mr. Blythe's undoubtedly sick rioting skills — but we do get to see him get lost in translation, which proves entertaining in its own right.

Blythe became involved with the film through Chthonic, who he's performed with in the past, telling EMP Rock Invasion (per Blabbermouth) in 2015 that he and the band members bonded over their shared political ideals. "My friends in this band Chthonic ... they're pretty political: they're very pro Taiwanese independence," he said. "Because China still claims ownership of Taiwan, basically, and that goes all the way back to Chinese civil war, when Chiang Kai-shek and Mao Zedong were fighting. My friends are very pro Taiwanese independence, and I don't blame them. I think every country should have the ability to govern itself."

"Freddy [Lim], their singer, e-mailed me one day," Blythe continued, "and he was just, like, 'Hey, man. We're making an action movie. Do you wanna be in it?' And I'm, like, 'Yeah.' I didn't ask him what it was about or anything. I'm just, like, 'Yeah. Yeah, I do.' I mean, I obviously didn't do it for the money — I didn't make much money — but I did it 'cause it's awesome to be in a kung fu movie."

This isn't Blythe's first time on the silver screen: He also had a minor role in the 2009 independent horror film The Graves as a murderous reverend's fearsome enforcer. (Spoiler alert: he gets impaled in the face.)