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Watch Robb Stark Actor Relive Harrowing 'Game of Thrones' Red Wedding Scene

"I think it's rude you've even made me watch this"

"I think it's rude you've even made me watch this," says Richard Madden, the actor who portrayed Robb Stark in hit HBO series Game of Thrones, which recently announced the details around the premiere of its highly anticipated final season. On June 2nd, 2013, the show made shockwaves throughout culture in the episode "The Rains of Castamere," which infamously included the "Red Wedding" sequence. If you haven't seen it by now and somehow haven't read spoilers in the past five years, the majority of living Stark family members, who the show had somewhat set up as being the series' protagonists, are brutally slaughtered in an ambushed wedding by the devious Walder Frey. Recently, British GQ turned to the Madden to rewatch the blood-soaked scene and give his reaction to it. 

Before he gets into it, Madden reveals his hesitation at rewatching the scene, noting the last time he watched it was with his mother who was mostly in tears during the whole experience. Throughout the commentary, he points out fun facts about various scenes, like the drummer in the band that plays the forboding "Rains of Castemere" being Coldplay's Will Champion. He pays compliments to the subtle acting of Michelle Fairley, who portrays Catelyn Stark, as she soon realizes the conspiracy and all hell breaks loose. When Robb Stark's pregnant wife Talisa Maegyr is killed by getting stabbed in the stomach, Madden is still shocked at the sight, pulling away. On Stark getting shot with arrows he said, "These arrows were sticking in me for days. Trying to have a coffee, and you knock everything out."

Regarding the scene where Stark realizes his wife has been murdered, Madden admits, "This was quite of an emotional sequence as an actor to do. Watching your unborn child be murdered and then your wife slowly dying in your arms. Not a comedy." In more lighthearted spirits, he does offer up a bit of useful advice: "The best way to get out fake blood? Shaving cream."