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Watch 'South Park' Kids Play Dying Fetus Song in Hilarious New Episode

Stan, Kenny, Butters and Jimmy's death-metal band, Crimson Dawn, rips through "Second Skin"

Irreverent satirical cartoon comedy South Park is still going strong in its 23rd season, and the latest episode "Band in China," which aired October 2nd, featured the character Stan Marsh and his buddies forming a new brutal death-metal outfit called Crimson Dawn. Over two different scenes, we're treated to the crew — Stan on vocals, Kenny and Butters on guitar and Jimmy on drums — tearing through two extreme-metal cuts: Dying Fetus' "Second Skin" (taken from the group's 2012 album Reign Supreme) and French outfit Death Decline's "Useless Sacrifice" (from their 2018 full-length The Thousand Faces of Lies).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the episode's theme is meant to mock Hollywood, specifically Disney, for how it shapes content in order to avoid being censored in the much-stricter Chinese media. 

The first half of the clip focuses on Crimson Dawn as they unleash hell on a pumpkin-decorated "Autumn Fest" before a baffled audience full of families, while the next section we see the group practicing the Dying Fetus cut in their parents' remote barn. 

Dying Fetus, formed in 1991, released their eighth studio album, Wrong One to Fuck With, in 2017 via Relapse Records. Check out this crazy animated video for "Panic Amongst The Herd" from that one here