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White Whale Vinyl: Why Collectors Are Already Dropping Bank on Metallica's 'S&M2'

Deluxe version of symphonic sequel has sold for $2,734.38
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It's not often that a record goes for nearly 10 times its original price less than three months after release. Especially when that original price was $300 and the release date was August 2020. And yet that's the inexplicable situation with the super deluxe edition of Metallica's S&M2. Released as the follow-up to S&M, the band's 1999 collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, S&M2 was recorded and filmed 20 years later. (The movie version was released theatrically in October 2019.)

Though the album was released in several different editions worldwide, the super deluxe version of S&M2 is unique. Like the merely deluxe version, it includes two LPs on split orange translucent and silver vinyl, another two LPs on orange translucent/silver split with white splatter, a 28-page book with photos by Anton Corbijn, two CDs, a Blu-ray, five guitar picks and a poster. Unlike the merely deluxe version, it also features original sheet music signed by all four members of the band and is limited to just 500 copies worldwide. (The merely deluxe version includes unsigned sheet music.)

metallica S&M2 deluxe edition product shot

But here's the kicker: The super deluxe version was never available in stores or through regular online channels. It was sold only to the winners of a contest offered through Metallica's Fifth Member fan club — for the bargain basement price of $299.99. Still, it was a surprise when, on November 23rd, 2020 — less than three months after its August 28th release — a super deluxe edition of S&M2 sold on Discogs for $2,734.38. Less than a month later, another sold on eBay for $2,500.

As of this writing, there are two sealed copies available on Discogs — one priced at $2,500, the other at $3k. At this rate, you'll have to be as rich as a member of Metallica to afford one.