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25 Most Anticipated Tours of 2022

Ghost, Judas Priest, Code Orange and more
ghost papa emeritus IV

It's great having live music back, isn't it? Even if there is still an air of uncertainty around every tour, festival and show. So many mind-blowing concerts have been postponed during the pandemic that even if only half of them actually take place in 2022, it would be a massive year for live music. From Tool's return to the stage to Rage Against the Machine's reunion to Rammstein's first-ever North American stadium run, here are 25 tours we're dying to see this year — listed, conveniently, in order of kick-off date.

tool HUBBARD 077a4772.jpg

Tool, Blonde Redhead, the Acid Helps

Kicks off: January 10
"Let's finish what we started. Shall we?" That was Maynard James Keenan back in September, when Tool announced the resumption of their touring behind the prog-metal psychonauts' stunning comeback opus, Fear Inoculum. The band's 2022 run will pick up literally where they left off: at the Matthew Knight Arena in Eugene, Oregon, where Tool had been scheduled to play in March 2020 before the pandemic sidelined them. As Keenan sings on "Lateralus": "Spiral out, keep going."

ghost papa emeritus iv LIVE 2020

Ghost, Volbeat, Twin Temple

Kicks off: January 25
It's kind of a perfect bill: Swedish Satanic pop-metal superstars Ghost, Danish Elvis-metal greasers Volbeat and, opening the whole shebang, a band that effectively splits the difference, L.A. Lucifer-loving doo-wop duo Twin Temple. Boogie down with the devil — and hopefully catch a live taste of Ghost's highly anticipated new album — at one of the unholy trinity's 26 U.S. dates.

Killswitch Engage

Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red, Light the Torch

Kicks off: January 28
After being pushed back twice due to you-know-what, Killswitch Engage are finally going to embark on a proper headliner for their 2019 album, Atonement, and with a tour package that people have been jonesing for (no pun intended) for just as long. Along with the dependably triumphant August Burns Red, the trek also boasts Light the Torch, the band fronted by one-time Killswitch vocalist Howard Jones. Therefore, it seems reasonable to assume that special crossover cameos are on the menu.

Obituary Live 2017 Getty 1600x900, Miikka Skaffari/FilmMagic
photograph by Miikka Skaffari/FilmMagic

Obituary, Municipal Waste, Gatecreeper, Enforced, Spiritworld

Kickoff date: January 28
The shared land between death metal and hardcore fans seems to be more populated now than ever before, which makes Decibel's 2022 tour one of the most stacked of the year. Obituary and Gatecreeper are two of the most renowned death-metal bands of their respective generations, and the same can be said for Muncipal Waste and Enforced within the land of crossover thrash — and Spiritworld's pummeling death-thrash is the missing link between all four.

dream theater GETTY 2020 live, Jordi Vidal/Redferns
photograph by Jordi Vidal/Redferns

Dream Theater, Arch Echo, Falset

Kickoff date: February 2
Although Dream Theater kept their fans busy throughout the pandemic by opening up their archives and properly issuing a fuck-ton of rarities and live albums, it's time to see the virtuosos back on the big stage again. Last fall, Dream Theater released their latest prog-metal opus, A View From the Top of the World, and now fans are going to be able to hear the new songs — along with all the classics — in their truest form.

coheed_featured1600.jpg, Katja Ogrin/Redferns
photograph by Katja Ogrin/Redferns

Coheed and Cambria, Sheer Mag

Kicks off: February 16
Hot on the heels of one of Coheed and Cambria's most extravagant events yet — their S.S. Neverender cruise to the Bahamas — the prog-rock conceptualists are set to play some of their most intimate shows in a while. The Great Destroyer Tour will see Claudio Sanchez and his cohorts playing clubs around the country, warming fans up for the group's upcoming 2022 album. Extra points to them for handpicking politically charged pop-metal crew Sheer Mag to join them on the run.

Cannibal Corpse 2021 Alex Morgan, Alex Morgan
Cannibal Corpse
photograph by Alex Morgan

Cannibal Corpse, Whitechapel, Revocation, Shadow of Intent

Kicks off: February 18
While many death-metal bands felt some type of way about deathcore during the younger genre's fledgling years, Cannibal Corpse were never too cool to celebrate the many commonalities between the two styles, which likely contributed to their continued relevancy over the last 30 years. Following 2021's well-received Violence Unimagined, Corpsegrinder and Co. are about to head out with deathcore pioneers Whitechapel, tech-death thrashers Revocation and chug-tastic up-and-comers Shadow of Intent. It's gonna be a party.

Circle Jerks Press 2021, Atiba Jefferson
Circle Jerks
photograph by Atiba Jefferson

Circle Jerks, the Adolescents, 7Seconds, Negative Approach

Kickoff date: February 18
In 2020, Circle Jerks were supposed to commemorate 40 years of their pivotal debut, Group Sex, with their first tour in 13 years, but then the pandemic came a-knockin'. They finally started road-doggin' it again last fall and will continue throughout the first half of 2022, beginning with a February run alongside the Adolescents and Negative Approach. Then, hardcore OGs 7Seconds — who re-released their debut, The Crew, last year — will swap in for Adolescents and travel with the other two bands from mid-March through mid-May.

underoath_spencer_jeff-hahne_getty-images.jpg, Jeff Hahne/Getty Images
photograph by Jeff Hahne/Getty Images

Underoath, Every Time I Die, Spiritbox

Kicks off: February 18
Underoath and Every Time I Die are two heads of the mighty hydra that is 21st century metalcore — the former having synthesized the genre's hyper-catchy side while the latter showed how metal technicality and Southern-rock swagger could mesh with hardcore's primal emotionality. Both bands will have fiery new records out by the time they hit the road this February alongside Spiritbox, a group who are paving the way for yet another generation of metalcore innovators.

glassjaw PROMO live uncropped


Kickoff date: March 2
Among the many things it screwed over, the pandemic fucked with the 20-year anniversary of Glassjaw's 2000 debut, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence, so now they're using 2022 to honor both that milestone and the two decades since its follow-up, Worship & Tribute. The band, who rarely tour, are hitting major U.S. cities this March for special shows during which they'll play both albums from front-to-back. At a time when seemingly every group embarks on an anniversary run, this one feels particularly special.

ministry KHADIJA BHUIYAN 5u6a8258.jpg

Ministry, Corrosion of Conformity, Melvins

Kicks off: March 4
The initial idea behind Ministry's Industrial Strength Tour — first planned for summer 2020 — was to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Uncle Al's classic The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste by recreating the original tour behind the album with KMFDM playing main support. Frontline Assembly were also enlisted to round out a proper old-school industrial bill. But then COVID got in the way — twice. Now, rescheduled for 2022, the lineup has changed, but for sludge-metal fans, it's actually way more badass.

korn jonathan davis GETTY, Medios y Media/Getty Images
photograph by Medios y Media/Getty Images

Korn, Chevelle, Code Orange

Kicks off: March 4
Last year, Korn proved their mettle, persevering through their summer tour with Staind despite multiple band members coming down with COVID and, as a result, earning the nod from Revolver readers as the Best Live Band of 2021. In March, fresh off the release of February's Requiem, they'll return to the road, with Chevelle and Code Orange in tow, and a boatload of new songs to debut. You can follow these leaders starting at the JQH Arena in Springfield, Missouri.

touche amore 2020 PRESS 2
Touché Amoré, 2020

Touché Amoré, Vein.fm, Militarie Gun, Thirdface, Gleemer

Kickoff date: March 4
Touché Amoré have spent the last decade perfecting a heart-piercing and physically inciting style of melodic post-hardcore that's so well-done it appeals to people of all music tastes. Their upcoming tour reflects the diversity of their audience with support from metalcore pummelers Vein.fm, rock-leaning post-hardcore troupe Militarie Gun, hardcore eclectics Thirdface and the indie-emo group Gleemer. The catharsis of a great Touché set is the evening's entree, but all the appetizers are sure to satisfy. 

Judas Priest Live 2019 photo by Kevin Wilson, Kevin Wilson
Judas Priest
photograph by Kevin Wilson

Judas Priest, Queensrÿche

Kicks off: March 7
Only in the age of COVID would Judas fucking Priest be forced to commemorate their 50th anniversary in their 53rd year of existence, but that's how far the pandemic has pushed back the North American leg of the NWOBHM titans' celebratory trek. Fortunately, Rob Halford and Co. are stronger than ever, despite the Metal God's recent battle against cancer and guitarist Richie Faulkner's own brush with death. If you thought Priest might kick the bucket half a century in, well, you got another thing coming.

Phil Labonte all that remains Live 2017 Getty Bryan Steffy/WireImage, Bryan Steffy/WireImage
photograph by Bryan Steffy/WireImage

All That Remains, Miss May I, Varials, Tallah

Kickoff date: March 12
2021 marked the 15th anniversary of All That Remains' pivotal metalcore classic, The Fall of Ideals, and this year they'll be honoring it by playing the record back-to-back every night across a massive, two-month-long trek. The Springfield, Massachusetts, band's 2006 breakout is a major milestone in the history of metalcore, and it surely had an impact on the tour's supporting acts — particularly Miss May I, who play a strain of riffy metalcore not unlike All That Remains' bread and butter.

jerry cantrell solo PRESS GIBSON 2021, Gibson
courtesy of Gibson

Jerry Cantrell

Kicks off: March 24
A chance to get up close and personal with Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell is an opportunity not to be missed. The grunge icon is set to swing through U.S. clubs this year in support of 2021's country-fried Brighten, his first solo album in 19 years. Expect some AIC classics to pop up in the setlist and look out for two-fifths of Dillinger Escape Plan's Ire Works lineup — including singer Greg Puciato — backing Cantrell as members of his touring band.

code orange CROP LIVE 2021, Kevin Wilson
photograph by Kevin Wilson

Code Orange, Loathe, Vended, Dying Wish

Kicks off: April 3
Anytime Code Orange swing through town, it's worth checking them out, if only to witness the Pittsburgh trailblazers' chest-thumping, WWE-inspired intensity in person. 2022's Out for Blood Tour brings the bonus of seeing three more of heavy music's brightest rising stars: U.K. experimentalists Loathe, second-generation nu-metal ragers Vended (featuring Corey Taylor and Shawn "Clown" Crahan's sons) and metalcore true believers Dying Wish.

Deftones 2017 APPLEFORD, Steve Appleford
photograph by Steve Appleford

Deftones, Gojira

Kicks off: April 14
Deftones' tour with Gojira has been rescheduled not once but twice, so we're hoping that three times is, indeed, a charm. Chino Moreno and Co. have yet to play a show behind Ohms, Revolver's favorite album of 2020, while the French progressive heavyweights have their own Revolver Album of the Year to support, 2021's Fortitude. The two bands finally sharing stages sounds like alt-metal heaven.

Turnstile Live 2018 Angela Owens , Angela Owens
photograph by Angela Owens

Turnstile, Citizen, Ceremony, Ekulu, Truth Cult

Kicks off: April 26
Turnstile's all-inclusive approach to hardcore — tapping elements of grunge, funk, R&B, power-pop and more — also extends to their upcoming touring party. The Baltimore champs are traveling across North America this spring with the indie-rock group Citizen, Revolution Summer-inspired Truth Cult, NYHC specialists Ekulu and fellow hardcore punk visionaries Ceremony. We deemed Turnstile's Glow On the best hardcore album of 2021, but as they sing on the a capella "No Surprise," "You gotta see it live to get it."

Tenacious D 2021 Photo Taylor Stephens , Taylor Stephens
Tenacious D
photograph by Taylor Stephens

Tenacious D

Kickoff date: June 16
It's been a long-ass-fucking-time since Tenacious D last toured, so even though their 2022 run only consists of a week's worth of West Coast dates, it feels like a momentous occasion. The duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass put out their last album, Post-Apocalypto, in 2018, so without any brand new material to promote — that we know of, at least — the shows should be stuffed with only the finest selections from their distinguished oeuvre. You know, songs about "kielbasa sausages" and sucking the devil's cock.

rage against the machine 2020 PRESS

Rage Against the Machine, Run the Jewels

Kicks off: July 9
Way back in the halcyon days of late 2019, when Rage Against the Machine announced plans to reunite for their first shows in nearly a decade, the news had seismic repercussions through the music world. Over two years later — with the rap-metal agitators more relevant than ever in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement — the promised tour has yet to actually happen. We're not giving up hope, though: We need to scream, "Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me!" along with Zack de la Rocha.

rammstein GETTY 2013, Axel Heimken/picture alliance via Getty Images
Rammstein's Till Lindemann
photograph by Axel Heimken/picture alliance via Getty Images


Kicks off: August 21
Rammstein don't come to this side of the pond often, so when they do, the shows are not to be missed. That this run, which was originally scheduled for 2020, will be the Deutschlandic pyromaniacs' first-ever North American stadium tour makes it all the more unmissable. Get psyched for fire, more fire, giant ejaculating phalluses, chugging riffs, danceable beats, even more fire and maybe a new song or two from the band's eighth album, rumored to drop before the tour's launch.

heilung 2019 PRESS, Soren Bech
photograph by Soren Bech


Kicks off: August 26
If you're not already in the know, Heilung are a multinational folk/industrial collective committed to bringing back the forgotten sounds of the Iron Age through rich, stirring songs performed on unusual instruments including swords, shields and human bones. Their immersive, ritualistic live shows are must-see events — more pagan ceremony than rock concert — and they don't hit North America often. Added bonus for attending: For every ticket sold, the band promises that "one tree will be planted."

iron maiden dsc_0100_0.jpg

Iron Maiden

Kickoff date: September 11
The members of Iron Maiden are old enough to have grandkids touring in metal bands and they're still not showing any signs of slowing down. Last year, the NWOBHM idols dropped Senjutsu, their best record in at least a decade, and later this fall they'll be bringing the songs and many other beloved bangers across the pond for the Legacy of the Beast trek. Plus, Trivium and Within Temptation are along for the ride. You can't go wrong.

Meshuggah press photo Olle Carlsson, Olle Carlsson
photograph by Olle Carlsson

Meshuggah, Torche

Kicks off: September 16
Meshuggah are a fucking machine live, between the instrumentalists' inhumanely locked-in chug-chuggery and frontman Jens Kidman's piston-powered bodybanging. The Swedish math-metal masters originally intended to come stateside this winter, but then health issues got in the way. Now, a fall landing is on the calendar — which gives us all extra time to build up our neck muscles. With doom-pop unit Torche onboard, there's gonna be serious whiplash in this tour's wake.