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Baroness and Revolver Announce "Full Spectrum: The Art of Gold & Grey" Event

One-night-only gallery show and pop-up shop will celebrate new Baroness album and Revolver magazine covers
Baroness_JohnDyerBaizleyIllustration.jpg, John Dyer Baizley
illustration by John Dyer Baizley

Revolver and Abraxan Hymns are proud to announce "FULL SPECTRUM — The Art of Gold & Grey." The album-release-day event is the celebration of Baroness' amazing fifth album, Gold & Grey, as well as the band's multiple collectible covers of Revolver's new June/July issue. This unique, one-night-only pop-up art show will take place on Friday, June 14th — immediately following Baroness' full set at Rough Trade — at the Revolver Studio, 67 West Street, Unit 107, in Brooklyn, New York, from 8 p.m. to midnight. Admission is free and open to the public.

Revolver's June/July 2019 issue features three Baroness covers — one featuring the full band, one spotlighting singers and guitarists John Baizley and Gina Gleason, and one very special illustrated cover featuring original, exclusive art by Baizley — all of which can be seen below. Other details surrounding Revolver's new issue will be announced in the coming weeks.

"FULL SPECTRUM — The Art of Gold & Grey" gallery show will showcase all of Baizley's original paintings for the Baroness album covers, over 30 original drawings by artist and the band's longtime friend and frequent collaborator Marald van Haasteren, the Revolver-commissioned Baizley magazine cover art and much more. Baroness and van Haasteren — who will be traveling from his home in the Netherlands for the event — will be in attendance.

In addition to the gallery show, there will also be a pop-up shop including items for sale from Revolver and Baroness. Prints, LPs and other special items will be available from the band, and all of van Haasteren's originals will be for sale. Revolver will be selling several items including a limited-edition print (only 250 made) of Baizley's illustrated cover as a nine-color 16 x 20 inch silkscreen printed by Burlesque of North America, a limited-edition slipcase version of the Baroness cover issue (only 250 made) with original artwork by van Haasteren.

This special release event is supported by All Within My HandsMetallica's nonprofit organization dedicated to creating sustainable communities by supporting workforce education, the fight against hunger and other critical local services. The charity will have info cards available and collect donations. Also, Liquid Death will be providing free, 100-percent-fresh mountain water in eco-friendly cans.

The Revolver Studio is located at 67 West Street, Unit 107, in Brooklyn, New York. We hope to see you there Friday night.

rev_0719_c1_baroness_newsstand_cover_spot_hr_web.jpg, Jimmy Hubbard
Revolver's June/July Baroness newsstand cover
photograph by Jimmy Hubbard
rev_0719_c1_baroness_subscriber_cover_spot_hr_web.jpg, Jimmy Hubbard
Revolver's June/July Baroness subscriber cover
photograph by Jimmy Hubbard
rev_0719_c1_baroness_special_cover_spot_hr_web.jpg, John Dyer Baizley
Revolver's June/July Baroness special cover
illustration by John Dyer Baizley

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