I Dont Konform: See Navajo Band's Fuming Video for Heavy Banger "F*** Your Face" | Revolver

I Dont Konform: See Navajo Band's Fuming Video for Heavy Banger "F*** Your Face"

"Fuck your face fuckin' face, motherfucker!"

If you've watched the Revolver x Everything Is Stories "Metal From the Dirt" mini-doc (which you should) about the fertile metal community on the Navajo reservation, then you're familiar with I Dont Konform. The band have one of the wildest stories out of every group that we profiled, having transcended their rural DIY scene to record an album with Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen (Ride the Lighting, Master of Puppets, …And Justice for All) in Denmark. 

That record, Sagebrush Rejects, came out back in 2018, but today (August 26th), I Dont Konform are unleashing their first-ever music video for the album's to-the-point banger of a closer, "Fuck Your Face" — which we're proud to be premiering. 

The video tells the story of a character named Simi who travels throughout the desert and repeatedly bumps into a masked man who offers him unwanted objects, eventually breaking free from the terror by the video's end. It's an allegory for the routine persecution that Indigenous people and people of color face on a daily basis, and it's executed powerfully in visual form thanks to director-writer-producer Anne Welles.

There're also plenty of shots of the band ripping the track on their makeshift stages in the middle of the desert, and tons of bird-flipping fury to go around. Watch it go down above via YouTube. 

"We are honored to be able to bring eyes on our reservation and hopefully bring light on all the amazing artists who struggle to live by their craft day to day," says singer-guitarist Kyle Felter. 

Below, check out our "Metal From the Dirt" mini-doc for a deeper look into the amazing, rage-fueled scene that I Dont Konform and their fellow "res metal" bands have cultivated.