METALLICA, SPIRITBOX and BAD OMENS star on covers of Revolver Spring 2023 Issue | Revolver

METALLICA, SPIRITBOX and BAD OMENS star on covers of Revolver Spring 2023 Issue

New print edition also features Dez Fafara, Scowl, Periphery and others
metallica_2023_credit_tim-saccenti.jpg, Tim Saccenti
Metallica, 2023
photograph by Tim Saccenti

Spring is finally here, and with it comes the biggest heavy-metal album of the year: Metallica's hotly anticipated 77-minute, 12-track opus, 72 Seasons. Of course, we had to have James, Lars, Kirk and Rob on Revolver's cover to mark the occasion.

But for our new Spring 2023 Issue, we wanted some young blood in the mix, too: Enter fast-rising stars Spiritbox and Bad Omens, who appear on the mag's other collectible covers.

You can pre-order the issue now along with special limited-edition collector's bundles, featuring exclusive vinyl, art prints and more, at our shop.

Check out the rest of its contents below.

buggin_credit_farrah-skeiky.jpg, Farrah Skeiky
Buggin, 2023
photograph by Farrah Skeiky

Five Artists You Need to Know
Fun-loving hardcore crew Buggin, death-metal cowboys SpiritWorld, Metallica offspring Taipei Houston, deathcore world-builders Brand of Sacrifice and Houston grunge-gazers Narrow Head


Lars Ulrich unpacks the thrash titans' first album in seven years, 72 Seasons, and explains how four "misfits" became the biggest metal band in the world


Courtney LaPlante's band has experienced one of the most rapid ascensions in recent metal history. As they prepare to level up again, can the singer learn to live with success — and finally let go of her day job?


Bad Omens
Noah Sebastian's chaotic childhood ignited a fire inside him, one that's driven him to the brink of stardom. So why is he urging fans to "not make me or Bad Omens your life"?


Dez Fafara
The Coal Chamber and DevilDriver frontman nearly died from COVID. Now he's determined to "take it all on," from new music and reunion tours to book deals and more.


The emo-rap hitmaker has long teased his love for heavy music. But he's never felt "worthy" to fully express that passion until now.


Prog-metal luminary Misha Mansoor is adamant that "djent is not a genre." But if it were, these would be his picks for its 10 essential albums.


Jesus Piece
Five years ago, Aaron Heard's hardcore crew dropped their vicious debut. After a couple detours – into Nothing and fatherhood – he's back with its fierce follow-up and a new mission "calculated for longevity."


Vocalist Kat Moss leads us on a tour of her favorite Santa Cruz hotspots and shares the personal stories behind her passions


On the eve of their final album, leader Sully Erna revisits three decades of hits, band therapists, hanging with Rush, dating Lady Gaga and more

Plus, original artwork by Marald van Haasteren inspired by Metallica's legacy and the concept behind their new album, 72 Seasons.