Ministry, Baroness, Knocked Loose Appear on Covers of Revolver's "Survival" Issue | Revolver

Ministry, Baroness, Knocked Loose Appear on Covers of Revolver's "Survival" Issue

Latest print edition comes with collectible covers, includes stories on Heilung, Damien Echols and more
junejulycovers.jpg, John Crawford (Ministry); Jimmy Hubbard (Baroness); and Nick Fancher (Knocked Loose)
photography by John Crawford (Ministry); Jimmy Hubbard (Baroness); and Nick Fancher (Knocked Loose)

The winners usually get all the glory, but sometimes just surviving to see another day is heroic enough. In our new issue, we celebrate survival — the little battles, the long haul, the daily grind.

The June/July "Survival" issue hits newsstands July 2nd, but you can grab the Ministry newsstand cover, Ministry subscriber cover, Baroness newsstand cover, Baroness subscriber cover and the Knocked Loose cover now.

linguaignota_credit_afcortes.jpg, A.F. Cortés
Lingua Ignota, Central Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas, 2019
photograph by A.F. Cortés

Five Artists You Need to Know Now
Industrialists 3TEETH, power-metal act Paladin, noise-grind outfit Full of Hell, Code Orange–endorsed hip-hop group Injury Reserve and harrowing classical-meets-noise artist Lingua Ignota


Al Jourgensen
From rock & roll decadence to the Faustian music industry, the founder of Ministry has survived it all and lived to rail against corrupt politicians another day. His secret? "Just Do it till it sucks."


John Baizley may have survived his band's infamous 2012 bus crash, but he will never fully heal. Fortunately, he says, there's "a very elegant solution" to his "very painful reality."


Knocked Loose
Their reckless live shows and relentless touring would break a lesser band, but these new hardcore leaders will "never stop going in"


The old ways of the Nordic past changed Kai Uwe Faust's life forever. Now they live on in his band's music and ritual.


Cher Strauberry
Raised in a funeral home. Sustained by punk rock and skateboarding. Made famous by the internet. The impossible rise of an unlikely trans icon.


Photographer Devin Yalkin takes us inside one of the decadent events keeping the modern vampire community alive today


Damien Echols
He survived 18 years on death row for a crime he didn't commit. Inside his magickal path out of darkness.

Plus, an original colored pencil and acrylic paint artwork collaboration by John Dyer Baizley and Marald van Haasteren inspired by Baroness' Gold & Grey and its lyrical themes of "family, sacrifice and humility"