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A Perfect Circle Appear on Cover of Revolver's Apr/May Issue

Plus, stories on Metallica, chef Liz Johnson, Alien Weaponry, Greyhaven and more
apc.jpg, Travis Shinn; grooming by Brooke Barker
A Perfect Circle's Maynard James Keenan and Billy Howerdel, Los Angeles, 2018
photograph by Travis Shinn; grooming by Brooke Barker

The new issue of Revolver magazine hits newsstands on April 17th and features an in-depth cover story on A Perfect Circle.

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A Perfect Circle
It's been over 10 years since Maynard James Keenan and Billy Howerdel made  an album together, but they both kept very busy during the interim. Fittingly then, their comeback record, Eat the Elephant, is a call to action — in a world that sometimes seems doomed.

The Apr/May 2018 issue also features:

Greyhaven, (from left) Johnny Muench, Nick Spencer, Brent Mills and Ethan Spray, Greensboro, North Carolina, 2018
photograph by Will Warasila

Five Artists You Need to Know Now
Māori thrashers Alien Weaponry, progcore squad Greyhaven, plus HIDE, Year of the Knife, Genocide Pact

Harm's Way
The Chicago industrial-hardcore band and its powerlifting frontman James Pligge may come off as unstoppable forces onstage, but for the singer, music and physical fitness are ways of coping with chronic anxiety

Chef Liz Johnson
How a globe-trotting young metalhead chef became the toast of the culinary world by following the beat of her own drum

Riley Hawk and Mario Rubalcaba
V-Town OG Mario Rubalcaba ripped it up with pro skater Riley Hawk's dad, Tony, back in the day, but what really ties these two kindred spirits together is their love of heavy metal and psychedelic rock

Garage Days Re-Revisited
It was less than a year since Cliff Burton's death, and Metallica were still grappling with the tragedy. They pushed ahead — and broke in new bassist Jason Newsted — with a fun, loose, exploratory set of covers that would prove to be one of metal's greatest EPs.


Up Helly Aa
Inside the Shetland Islands tradition that is keeping the population's Viking heritage alive with a "fiery fuck-you" to winter

Ozzy Osbourne
Iconic singer talks final solo tour, new album and surviving his "bad guy" past

Plus, an original acrylic on wood painting by Anthony Hurd, inspired by the "hard truths, tearing down of walls and changing perception" heard in A Perfect Circle's "The Doomed"