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New Hampshire metal outfit Vattnet Viskar are back — but not as you remember them.

Consider Nick Thornbury, the band's co-founder and former frontman, the catalyst. Following Vattnet Viskar's tour behind Settler, 2015's excellent Century Media debut, Thornbury parted ways with the group, leaving the remaining members — guitarist Chris Alfieri, bassist Casey Aylward and drummer Seamus Menihane — at a creative crossroads. Nevertheless, the trio soldiered on under a shortened name, Vattnet, with Aylward as their new frontman. "There is a lot of self-realization when you go through that process," Alfieri says of the shift. "You take an inventory on yourself. We got into the shed a week after and just started writing songs."

Vattnet emerged from that experience with the skeletal compositions that would eventually comprise their new self-titled LP, which is scheduled for release on September 15 via New Damage. The eight tracks on Vattnet are a significant departure from Settler's highly technical black metal, and by extension, Vattnet's musical M.O. writ large. Where their sound was once dominated by tremolo picking and blast beats, Vattnet leans on clean vocals and prog-inflected fretwork à la Isis. After unveiling their new sound with last month's "Dark Black," Vattnet are showcasing their heavy hypnotic sound yet again, today, by way of a mesmerizing visual for "Spun." Check it out below, and pre-order Vattnet here.

Here's what Aylward had to say about "Spun":

"Spun" was the last song I wrote for the record and also the last song we recorded and put together. Conceptually it's about being uncomfortable and very unhappy in your situation at the time, feeling helpless, feeling like it won't ever end. The video touches on this theme by using the idea of searching for light within a world of darkness. While some choose to accept or live within the blackness, others try to find or create a light to see their way out. Definitely a song that poured out of me, as if I needed it exorcised from me. When it was done I knew it had to be the first song on the record, and I'm happy Shay and Chris shared that vision. I feel like it perfectly introduces what you can expect to hear from the rest of the record, albeit it on a pretty dark note.

chelsea wolfe, Bill Crisafi
photograph by Bill Crisafi

Chelsea Wolfe is gearing up to drop her sixth studio album, Hiss Spun, on September 22nd via Sargent House. After sharing its show-stopping lead single "16 Psyche" last month, the California musician has upped the ante further with "Vex," a foreboding track which juggles black metal, industrial rock, and dark, haunting doom pop. In addition to guest vocals from Aaron Turner (Old Man Gloom, SUMAC), "Vex" features some blistering fretwork from Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen. Listen below, and check out Wolfe's upcoming tour dates here.

Here's what Wolfe has to say about her latest Hiss Spun single:

Every day, at dawn and dusk, a mysterious hum resounds in the deep sea for about an hour. The source of this hum is unknown, but it may be a kind of instinctual guide to the creatures who live in those dark depths, to rise and feed, surviving another day. I follow my own hum, pushing forward despite anxieties, nightmares, and scavengers that try to pull me down into their depths. I also acknowledge my own fragility in contrast to my own strength and anger.

"Vex" began almost as a black metal song, with a pummeling blast beat, thenBen (Chisholm) and I stripped it back to a more industrial electronic sound. Once we were in the studio, Jess Gowrie' s drums and Troy Van Leeuwen' s guitar parts began to shepherd it back toward its heavy origins.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted Aaron Turner' s voice somewhere on this album, and could hear him in my head on "Vex." I had already recorded my vocals for the song but decided to send it to Aaron without them on. Happily, the first time we played it back with both vocal parts they fit together in a very compelling way.

Turner adds:

The invitation to contribute vocals to "Vex" was a welcome—if slightly daunting—prospect. Aesthetically, it's a leap for me to meld a harsh vocal approach with music as melodically inclined as Chelsea's. Added to that was the fact that I was working remotely rather than us all being in a room together discussing the work as it was unfolding. This removed approach to collaboration imposes a distance that can be hard to overcome. That said, feeling apprehensive about trying something and reckoning with the vulnerability of potential failure is more of an impetus to do something for me rather than a deterrent - perhaps increasingly so as time goes on. In the end it was surprising how seamlessly I was able to find my way into the song, and perhaps more importantly, how enjoyable it was to work on. Aside from facing fear as a primary creative motivator, having fun making music is an eternal goal. Working on this track provided an opportunity for both and I'm thankful to CW for entrusting me with their work given the leap of faith required for all involved.


In 2014, a metal band called Pentakill came seemingly out of nowhere and landed its debut EP, Smite & Ignite, in the Billboard Top 40 and at No. 1 on the iTunes Metal and Rock charts. The mini-album went on to rack up millions of streams on YouTube and Spotify. Even more surprising, the group turned out to be a virtual band made up of fictional members — vocalist Karthus, guitarist Mordekaiser, bassist Yorick, keyboardist Sona and drummer Olaf — embodied by an original skin line in the massively popular online game League of Legends.

Behind the scenes, the songs on Smite & Ignite were created by a rotating cast of professional metal musicians, including Jørn Lande (Jorn, Beyond Twilight, Masterplan) and ZP Theart (Skid Row, Dragonforce), as well as by the music composition and production team at League of Legends' parent company, Riot Games.

Today, Pentakill have released the group's first new music in three years, the singles "The Bloodthirster" and "Tear of the Goddess," which presage the release of the band's follow-up album, Pentakill II: Grasp Of The Undying. "The Bloodthirster" features Lande's power-metal wail and synths by Scott Kirkland of the Crystal Method, while "Tear of the Goddess" introduces the vocals of Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast) into the fold. Check out both songs below, and for more info, visit

contortionist, Gobinder Jhitta
photograph by Gobinder Jhitta
Indiana-based prog metal group The Contortionist will release their new full-length, Clairvoyant, on September 15th via Entertainment One Music/Good Fight Music. Today, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere their new song "Absolve." Check it out below.
Guitarist Robby Baca said, "'Absolve' was one of the first songs written for Clairvoyant. We honestly didn't know what to think of this track until nearing the end of our recording sessions, it became a favorite for everyone. The song represents a few sides of songwriting and the kind of mood that we wanted to explore. It is still a very unique track when listened to in context of the whole album."
For an in-studio report in Revolver's April/May 2017 issue, keyboardist Eric Guenther told Revolver of the new Jamie King-produced full-length, "People who have heard it have said that it sounds like a natural progression for the band. What we're doing does feel new for everyone in the band, in a way that's super-exciting. We are making some strong-arm decisions to go in certain artistic directions, and the fact that we're stretching some different muscles is encouraging to me. There's always that lingering feeling of, 'Are we going the right direction with this?' But we're really going for something here that's a little different."
The Contortionist recently finished a European tour with Periphery and will support Between the Buried and Me this fall on their "Colors Ten Year Anniversary Tour."
You can pick up the highly anticipated follow-up to 2014's Language here.
warbeast, Eric Younkin Jr.
photograph by Eric Younkin Jr.

Texas-based thrash metal act Warbeast have teamed up with Revolver to premiere their new track, "Punishment for Gluttony." Check it out below.

Vocalist Bruce Corbitt said, "To me this song is vintage Texas thrash and defines what Warbeast is all about … pure aggression and adrenaline from start to finish. For the lyrics, I envisioned a guy like Tony Montana, who does everything in life to the extreme. So much so that he becomes his own worst enemy. There are some actual lines in this song directly from the movie Scarface that some of you will probably catch. Luckily before I had to retire we performed this song live several times … and it always got a good reaction from the crowd. So I'm really excited that the rest of the world is finally able to hear it."

Corbitt retired from singing earlier this year due to his recent esophageal cancer diagnosis. He wrote in a Facebook statement, "After much discussion with the doctors and specialist, they've told me there's no chance within any reasonable time that I'll ever be able to perform again. You're the best fans and I love all of you. I can't even begin to explain my feelings. You guys have given me the strength I need to even prepare for this fight. Honestly, I was close to losing hope that there was any good to come out of this. Of course, I'm scared for my life like any normal human being would be. Those moments when I can get on Facebook and scroll through all of your messages, the emotion takes over. I cry, I get stronger, I also realize what all of you mean to me. I do believe in the power prayer and positive vibes. And I have all of you to thank for that."

Before his retirement, Corbitt recorded vocals for Warbeast's forthcoming album, Enter the Arena — thought he was unable to play the band's release show took place on July 14th where some vocals were handled by Philip H. Anselmo. The former Pantera frontman said, "Since the late 1980s to the present, Bruce has always been a person to count on as a friend, and an excellent man to work closely with. Our love of music brought us together and created an unbreakable bond, and that is a priceless cornerstone that can't be ignored when examining one's life in hindsight. Bruce has always shot me straight, given me life-advice, and from my perspective, has always been there for anyone and everyone in need, for a myriad of unselfish reasons. I thank all that's good out there I had the chance to be a part of the four Warbeast releases, and I feel Bruce's best is on their latest record, Enter the Arena. He's a damned warrior, a fighter, and best of all, for the better of the genre, one of the most recognized voices in all of heavy metal. Well done, Big Brother."

Warbeast's upcoming full-length, Enter the Arena, will be released on August 4th via Anselmo's own Housecore Records. You can pick up a copy here.

arch enemy, Katja Kuhl
photograph by Katja Kuhl

As Arch Enemy prepare to drop their new album, Will to Power, on September 8th via Century Media Records, the melodic death metal group have released their rendition of "The Leader (of the Fuckin' Assholes)." Stream their version of this venomous 62-second track — which was originally recorded by Swedish hardcore punk rockers the Shitlickers in 1982 — below.

Will to Power was co-produced by guitarist Michael Amott and drummer Daniel Erlandsson and mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, At the Gates, Dimmu Borgir).

The new album is also the first to feature guitarist Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore). The axman joined Arch Enemy in 2014 after the band parted ways with Nick Cordle. Amott said of Loomis, "Jeff is one of the best guitar players in the metal world in my opinion, as well as being a long time friend. I look forward to tearing it up on stages around the world together."


cannabis corpse

On the surface, a band like Cannabis Corpse probably shouldn't have lasted as long as it has. A weed-themed death-metal act bursting with inside jokes isn't exactly something that should have longevity outside of a record or two. The fact that the band — which features members of Municipal Waste, Six Feet Under and Black Dahlia Murder — has been kicking since 2006 (and have released three LPs and three EPs) is truly a testament to their songwriting ability. And it's hard to argue with the material that they produce: scorching death metal with nods to past legends (whether in musical tribute or in jest). 

The tributes continue with their new song "In Dank Purity" (hello Monstrosity) from their forthcoming LP Left Hand Pass (hi Entombed), which is due via Season of Mist on September 8th. Musically, the new track is no laughing matter: the putrid death metal cut uses start-stop rhythms and alternates between blasts and a d-beat-y gallop to bring home its worm-ridden point. So pack the bowl and inhale "In Dank Purity" deeply, available for the first time below. And check out the lyrics for the track while you're down there. 

Left Hand Pass is currently up for preorder via the label. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em.


"Watching, waiting…
The wretched art that soon I'll be creating
is placating my abhorrent evil lust
my illness in the stillness
is worsened by voices so relentless
I can't resist their hideous and unyielding commandment

My victim's home alone, its late at night…
I have been studying her every movement
Smoking weed she did not notice me
sneaking into her dark apartment

So close I can smell her lovely skin
Bloodcurdling murder will soon begin
The gleam of the knife raised above my head
fills me with remorse it will be stained by bloodshed

A wave of sick pleasure as I begin stabbing her
Gore showers on me I am filled with ecstasy
A wave of sick pleasure as I begin stabbing her


Gagging on blood, a quick struggle
her whimpering only makes me chuckle
I try to savor each and every moment
euphoric my face locked in an evil grin
I shall unlock the beauty deep within
her lungs still contain the smoke of her final toke

Insane, Psychotic
each slash and stab i find very erotic
A monster reveling in depravity
I can not control these urges
or when the demon inside reemerges
This violence is the only thing thats real within myself

A wave of sick pleasure as I begin stabbing her
Gore showers on me I am filled with ecstasy
A wave of sick pleasure as I begin stabbing her


Not done yet, so frantic i've become obsessed
breaking the ribs to open up her chest
Take time to admire the heavenly organs
cannot wait to poke a small hole in her lung
 inhale the smoke inside this pretty one
my repugnant vision is now done..."

will to die

Knoxville's Will to Die might need therapy. They sure are angry enough. Mixing dark hardcore aesthetics (in the vein of Cleveland's Ringworm, Integrity, In Cold Blood, etc.) with modern metal flair, the five-piece band attacks with a subtle melodicism that is rarely found among the chugga-chugga set. That's right, Will to Die is hummable ... while you're clobbering your neighbor in the closest mosh pit.

Will to Die have been bouncing around the U.S. for some time now — touring with everyone from Bitter End to Harm's Way — and they're about to drop a killer new LP, Twist of the Knife, via Bad Ground Records on July 21. Below, take a first listen to the bloodthirsty title track, which is filled with a multitude of staccato open-string riffs (that will please anyone looking to pick up change) and unique textural guitar parts. It's atonal yet melodic, vitriolic without being one-note, but overall it's one big starter log sure to cause an inferno of brutality at your nearest hardcore gig.


bloodclot, Rick Rodney
photograph by Rick Rodney
The roots of hardcore supergroup Bloodclot began in late September 2015 when Cro-Mags vocalist John Joseph reconnected with former Murphy's Law guitarist Todd Youth. "We've always talked about doing this record together," Joseph said. "Todd had songs written and I had notebooks full of lyrics. I went out to L.A. to do a triathlon and injured my calf muscle, so I couldn't race, and Todd said he couldget some studio time. So, we went in and cut the demo. While there are things we may perceive as a negative in our lives, in fact the universe has a bigger plan, and that experience ultimately resulted in the record." Soon after they brought in their friends that had been playing in Queens of the Stone Age, Joey Castillo and Nick Oliveri, to the lineup.

"We didn't decide to try to play anything, these are the songs that happened when we started jamming, and I love this band because there are no egos involved. Our goal is to make the best music possible, period. I love it when those guys contribute with melodies, and I've even helped with some of the arrangements. Because we all think alike, our lyrics deal with the issues of the day, and that makes for better songs."

The band will release their debut album, Up in Arms, on July 14 via Metal Blade Records. In anticipation, the band has teamed up with Revolver to premiere their new song, "Manic." Check it out below.

Joseph says of the track, "I listened on my iPhone while I was in the gym training, left immediately, went home and wrote the lyrics. It's that kind of a feeling. Lyrically, it's about people mistaking kindness for weakness. Big fucking mistake."

For more on Bloodclot, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


goatwhore, Peter Beste
photograph by Peter Beste

Gearing up for the release of their new full-length, Vengeful Ascension — due out this Friday, June 21, via Metal Blade — New Orleans sludge outfit Goatwhore have unleashed the bludgeoning track "Mankind Will Have No Mercy." It follows the previously shared title-track, as well as "Chaos Arcane." Listen below.

An abrasive, defiant barnstormer, "Mankind Will Have No Mercy" lends itself well to Vengeful Ascension's themes of cosmic rebellion and moral relativity. 

"There's that whole idea of Lucifer being the anti-hero," said Goatwhore frontman Ben Falgoust. "He's cast out from this place in Heaven to the depths of nothing. He keeps trying to ascend to the top again but no matter what, there's always this significant force trying to destroy him at any point and banish him back to Hell. If you look at it from an everyday aspect in life, it's the idea of people, hitting the bottom of the barrel or you know, things just aren't going right in life ... emotion plays a huge part in how people react. Whether it's based on love or hatred or sadness or whatever, there's always an aspect of emotion that drives people to an extent. So the whole idea of a 'Vengeful Ascension' is built on being at the bottom, working your way to the top, and realizing along the way that there are other facets to the journey aside from just pure retribution. Within negativity, there can exist a positive angle as well."

If you're gunning to hear "Mankind Will Have No Mercy" in-person, you're in luck: Goatwhore are currently touring North America with Anciients, with dates scheduled through the end of this month. Come September, they'll support Venom Inc. on their North American tour, which also features Toxic Holocaust and the Convalescence.

Jun. 21 - Calgary, AB – Distortion !
Jun. 22 - Edmonton, AB – Brixx Bar & Grill !
Jun. 23 - Regina, SK – Riddell Center !
Jun. 24 - Winnipeg, MB – Windsor Hotel !
Jun. 25 - Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock Social Club!
Jun. 26 - Cudahy, WI – The Metal Grill !
Jun. 27 - Bryan, OH – Frankies !
Jun. 28 - St. Louis, OH – Fubar !
Jun. 29 - Springdale, AR – George's Majestic Lounge !
Jun. 30 - Little Rock, AR – Vino's Brewpub !
Jul. 01 - Huntsville, AL – Maggie Meyers Irish Pub !
Sept. 01 - Philadelphia, PA – Voltage #
Sept. 02 - New York, NY – Gramercy Theater #
Sept. 03 - Boston, MA – Brighton Music Hall #
Sept. 04 - Montreal, QC – Les Foufounes Electriques #
Sept. 05 - Toronto, ON – Mod Club #
Sept. 07 - Cleveland, OH – Agora Ballroom #
Sept. 08 - Chicago, IL – Reggies #
Sept. 09 - Cave In Rock, IL – Full Terror Metal Fest #
Sept. 10 - Kansas City, MO – Riot Room #
Sept. 11 - Denver, CO – Marquis Theater #
Sept. 13 - Spokane, WA – The Pin #
Sept. 14 - Seattle, WA – Studio 7 #
Sept. 15 - Vancouver, BC – Rickshaw Theater #
Sept. 16 - Portland, OR – Hawthorne Theater #
Sept. 18 - San Francisco, CA – Slims #
Sept. 19 - Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy Theatre #
Sept. 20 - San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick #
Sept. 21 - Phoenix, AZ – Club Red #
Sept. 22 - El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls #
Sept. 23 - Dallas, TX – Gas Monkey #
Sept. 24 - Austin, TX – Grizzly Hall #
Sept. 25 - Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall #
Sept. 26 - New Orleans, LA – Parish at HOB #
Sept. 28 - Miami, FL – Churchill's #
Sept. 29 - Tampa, FL – Orpheum #
Sept. 30 - Orlando, FL – The Haven #
Oct. 1 - Atlanta, GA – Masquerade #
Oct. 2 - Baltimore, MD – Soundstage #

! w/ Anciients
# w/ Venom Inc., Toxic Holocaust, The Convalescence