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10 Best Breakdowns of 2022

As selected by Nik Nocturnal
lorna shore 2022 so what fest PROMO, Casey Lee
Lorna Shore, So What?! Music Festival, 2022
photograph by Casey Lee

2022 was a bountiful year for breakdowns. From the floor-smashing deathcore stomps on Lorna Shore's masterpiece, Pain Remains, to the syncopated chugs that dot Tallah's nu-metalcore standout, The Generation of Danger, there were no shortage of parts this year that make you want to move violently. We turned to breakdown aficionado and metal YouTuber Nik Nocturnal to get his take on the 10 filthiest, nastiest, unghh-iest breakdowns of 2022. See his selections below.

Bleed From Within - "Levitate"

This breakdown easily has some of the tastiest riff-work of the year, while still having some good old proper chugs.

Brand of Sacrifice, We Came as Romans - "Darkbloom (Reimagined)"

"I AM DARKBLOOM!" It just goes hard as fuck, not much more to say.

Darko - "Evolving"

The new Darko record has some of the craziest heavy parts and alien noise moments of the year. "Evolving" is part of that pure chaos that perfectly encapsulates the heavy moments on this album. Jaw-dropping.

Electric Callboy - "Tekkno Train"


Lorna Shore - "Into the Earth"

Honestly, just put the whole new album on this list. 

Oceans Ate Alaska - "Plague Speech"

It's legitimately funny how low-and-slow this breakdown goes.

Tallah - "Telescope"

Tallah's breakdowns have always been wacky, and "Telescope", with its weird syncopation and descending/ascending tempo changes, really showcases the beautiful chaos of this band.

ten56 - "Yenta"

These guys are playing in sub-atomic frequencies at this point with how low they get. There are different notes than 000's in there if you listen close enough.

Veil of Maya - "Synthwave Vegan"

Marc Okubo's playing is the perfect combination of ridiculous chug patterns and random dissonance that makes any listener confused and want to headbang at the same time.

Within Destruction - "P.O.P."

The chugs in this breakdown are so ignorantly fast and low tuned that it's laughable, which is why I love it.

Below, see Nocturnal play his 30 favorite breakdowns of 2022.