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3TEETH's Alexis Mincolla Picks Favorite Tool Song

Industrial frontman reveals which track sends him on "psychic vacation" to "free yourself from yourself"
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photograph by Jim Louvau

Tool and 3TEETH have history. After randomly hitting it off with Tool guitarist Adam Jones at a wedding, 3TEETH frontman Alexis Mincolla soon found himself bonding with Jones over online video games, and their love of movies. During one of their hangs — specifically when they were waiting in line to see Ridley Scott's The Martian in 2015 — Jones invited Mincolla and 3TEETH to open for Tool. 3TEETH had never played a show before that many people, but Mincolla couldn't say no. Which is how found himself opening for the prog-metal act at a huge San Francisco gig. Mincolla got his first taste of stadium-sized aggression and he was hooked: "All I want to do is play arenas and get that feeling," he said of the experience. "You taste that arena blood and it's like slaying a dragon …" So when Revolver asked Mincolla to name his favorite Tool song, it was fitting that the track he chose spoke to him on a primal, visceral (and utterly surreal) level.

This is forever one my favorite Tool songs because it captures so much of the raw aggression that made me fall in love with Tool in the first place. Also Maynard [James Keenan's] cryptic lyrics guiding the listener on transcendent voyage to a place that's four degrees warmer as if he's inviting you a to psychic vacation to the land of anal sex in order to free yourself from yourself is literally only something Tool could pull off and its just all around brilliant.