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5 greatest nu-metal music videos: INFECTED RAIN's picks

Lena Scissorhands hails Korn, Slipknot and others
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Lena Scissorhands

To call Infected Rain a nu-metal band isn't exactly right. The Moldovan metal crew — helmed by powerhouse vocalist Lena Scissorhands — have a dynamic sound that draws from djent, prog, various forms of world music and, yes, the bouncy swagger of nu-metal.

The band also have a nu-metal-esque knack for creating badass music videos to accompany their songs. Infected Rain's new album, TIME (out now via Napalm Records), was previewed by four crushing singles that each received their own cinematic treatment.

The vids are full of eye-popping visuals that would've been well-suited for the MTV era, which is the period during which Scisshorhands forged her connection with heavy music.

With all this in mind, we asked her to select her five favorite nu-metal music videos of all time. From classics to deep cuts, see all of her picks below.

TIME is out now and you can order your copy here.

Garbage - "I Think I'm Paranoid"

I consider this specific song to be more nu-metal than anything else Garbage has done. Nu-metal is a style of metal that incorporates elements from different genres, and this is what I hear in this song.

Video-wise, this is a very simple, black-and-white band performance video, but because of its simplicity and boldness, I fell in love with this band forever. The vocalist Shirley Manson was probably my first "woman crush." I just love how brave and beautiful she is.

Guano Apes - "Open Your Eyes"

I remember when this music video came out and how surprised I was while watching it. I knew instantly that I loved it for so many reasons.

Sandra, the vocalist, was one of the first badass female vocalists that I heard. The way she would experiment vocally spoke to me. She's using rapping techniques with such finesse. Instant love.

Korn - "Thoughtless"

I remember watching this music video on MTV when I was still in high school. The idea behind this video and the song itself hit home at the time.

I could relate to it and I could feel it. I was always a big fan of Korn and I think this song with its video spoke volumes for many.

P.O.D. - "Alive"

The awareness this band brought to the audience through this video and song was so emotional and beautiful. I remember thinking that I wish more bands would talk about awareness and the power of choice.

Slipknot - "Spit It Out"

Weren't we all in love with this music video when it came out? As a long time fan of horror movies and the movie The Shining, I found this video absolutely amazing.

And the song was so brutal and so heavy that I just couldn't help myself from falling in love with the band.