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5 greatest rap-rock songs: OXYMORRONS' picks

Genre-busting upstarts hail nu-metal crossovers, rap-rock's "foundation" and more
Oxymorrons use this, Tommy Vo
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Oxymorrons fuse rap and rock in a way that totally breaks down the barriers between the two genres. In 2021, they released their Revolver-approved EP, Mohawks & Durags, on Fever 333 frontman Jason Butler's label, 333 Wreckords Crew, and they just got done supporting Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor on his U.S. solo tour.

On their debut album Melanin Punk, Oxymorrons show why the co-signs from heavy-music figureheads keep rolling in. On "Look Alive (Netic)," they toss tripped-out emo-rap vocals over a crunching nu-metal breakdown, resulting in a song that's as catchy as it is moshy. "Last Call" slots introspective rap verses in between massively anthemic rock choruses, finding unique harmony between two unlikely styles. 

To celebrate the album's release, we asked the genre-blurring band to pick the five greatest rap-rock songs of all time. From nu-metal crossovers to the "foundation" of all rap-rock, see all of Oxymorrons' collective responses below.

Melanin Punk is out October 20th and you can pre-order it here.

Barenaked Ladies - "One Week"

He started off his verse with lyrics from the Tribe Called Quest song "Scenario." His flow goes crazy. If you think we're wrong, drop a 16 better than theirs.

Linkin Park and Jay-Z - "Numb/Encore"

One of the best rappers of all time collaborating with one of the best rock bands of all time. As rock and rap continued to evolve, this was one of the most intricate examples of rap and rock culture colliding authentically.

N.E.R.D. - "Lapdance"

N.E.R.D are never in the conversation around the best rap-rock bands, and never got their dues or respect from the rock community. However, they have always been a hybrid band — and highly successful.

We wonder why they were never given their respect in the rock space…

Red Hot Chili Peppers - "Give It Away"

For anyone who think's that this song is not rap and rock colliding, you are in denial. Stop being a hater because everyone else says so.

Run-D.M.C. - "Walk This Way" (Feat. Aerosmith)

The architects of the rock-and-rap hybrid. The first time rock instrumentals and rap vocals were on the radio, and it was an international smash. The first of its kind, and the foundation of what was to come.