6 Best New Songs Right Now: 2/28/20 | Revolver

6 Best New Songs Right Now: 2/28/20

Igorrr, the Acacia Strain, Scarlxrd and more
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Here at Revolver, we're always on the hunt for new songs to bang our heads to — indeed, it's a big part of our jobs. With that in mind, here are the tracks released this week in metal, hard rock and hardcore that have been on heavy rotation at Revolver HQ. For your listening pleasure, we've also compiled the songs in a Spotify playlist, which will grow each week.

Igorrr - "Parpaing (featuring Corpsegrinder)"
Igorrr are one of the most idiosyncratic heavy-music acts around, recklessly smashing together death metal, black metal, opera, breakcore, Balkan traditional music and more. Their latest single, "Parpaing," features the inimitable talents of Cannibal Corpse's own Cookie Monster, George "Corpsegrinder" Fischer, but don't think for a second that it's tried-and-true brutal death metal. Instead, the song stops and starts, sputters and degrades with electronic glitches across its three-and-a-half-minute run, like a terminator breaking apart mid-battle.

Orbit Culture - "Rebirth"
Sweden's Orbit Culture established themselves as a band in need of watching with the September release of the collosal cut "Nensha," which suggested the heft and mysticism of scene leaders such as Behemoth and Gojira. The group's latest single "Rebirth" takes the next step, adding Hetfield-esque gruff-yet-melodic vocals to the surging, densely layered mix with epic results.

The Acacia Strain - "Seeing God (featuring Aaron Heard)"
New England–based deathcore mainstays the Acacia Strain dropped a surprise 7-inch, titled D, today (February 28th) and while both of the singles on it are pummeling, it's the second, "Seeing God," that hits the hardest. Featuring a guest shot from madman Aaron Heard, of Jesus Piece and Nothing, the track's relentless drag, harsh noise and seething lyrics combine to create the sound of straight-up insanity. "This song is the beginning of our slow descent into madness," confirmed TAS singer Vincent Bennett. "We all see our own god eventually."

August Burns Red - "Bones"
When Amish country metalcore masters drop a new song, it's usually guitarists JB Brubaker and Brent Rambler's riffery or vocalist Jake Luhrs' roar that take top billing. But on their latest crusher, "Bones," it's bassist Dustin Davidson who makes you hold his beer (he makes his own, after all). An absolute grinder on the low end, the barreling cut presents yet more evidence that the band's upcoming Guardians LP will be nothing less than monstrous.

Elder - "Embers"
Over the course of their decade-plus career, Elder have evolved from a more straightforward stoner-metal act into a progressive-rock beast of monumental proportions. "Embers," the lead single off the band's forthcoming LP, Omens, captures this evolution at its new peak, evoking spacey psychonauts like Pink Floyd and Hawkwind as much as it does the lumbering majesty of Black Sabbath.

Scarlxrd - "YXU'RE TXX ANGRY"
U.K. "trap metal" star Scarlxrd has made plenty of heavy music in his time, screaming his rhymes over hard-hitting beats, often while masked and prowling city streets in his viral music videos. But he's never sounded as mercilessly crushing and raw as on his newly released album SCARHXURS. "YXU'RE TXX ANGRY" may be its most punishing cut, opening with a chugging metallic riff and building to a hair-raising extended shriek at the 1:20 mark.