6 best new songs right now: 5/26/23 | Revolver

6 best new songs right now: 5/26/23

Dead Heat, Militarie Gun, Movements, more
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Slay Squad

Here at Revolver, we're always on the hunt for new songs to bang our heads to — indeed, it's a big part of our jobs. With that in mind, here are the tracks released this week in hardcore, noise-metal, rap-metal and more that have been on heavy rotation at Revolver HQ. For your listening pleasure, we've also compiled the songs in an ever-evolving Spotify playlist.

Dead Heat - "Endless Torment"

We named Dead Heat's World at War one of the best hardcore albums of 2021 because it fucking ruled. "Endless Torment" somehow rules even harder. The Nardcore torchbearers have only gotten heavier and nastier in the last two years, and on this joint, the barreling double-bass kicks and sawtooth guitar tones make their crossover thrashiness hit harder than it ever has.

Militarie Gun - "Will Logic"

Militarie Gun are really going for it. "Will Logic," the third single from their buzzy debut, Life Under the Gun, begins with the kind of fizzy guitar strums and earnestly sung vocal lines you'd hear in a Nineties alt-rock song. A few seconds later, the distortion screeches, the drums start pounding and Ian Shelton drops the moody baritone for his usual throaty rasp. It kind of sounds like if early Foo Fighters went post-hardcore. Best of all, it works!

Slay Squad - "Tote"

Southern California's Slay Squad linked hard-nosed trap and guttural deathcore on their ear-catching early 2023 single, "X." On "Tote," the self-described "ghetto metal" unit drop the 'core and just rap with fearsome intensity over a clattering, guitar-assisted beat that crosses Chicago drill nerviness with City Morgue-style heaviness. Their voices possess DMX's sandpapery texture and Corey Taylor's spitfire anger. It's right in the name: They slay.

Nemophila - "Night Flight"

As an all-female metal band from Japan who aren't afraid to go pop, most Western headbangers will immediately think of Babymetal when they first hear Nemophila. That's not off-base, but it's also a limiting comparison. "Night Flight" is a wonderfully bizarre party tune that blends the neon trance synths and clubby, four-on-the-floor beats of early Attack Attack! with Dream Theater-esque shredding and pop-punk vocals that bring to mind Paramore's Hayley Williams. Somehow, Nemophila make it all sound cohesive, catchy and fun.

Boris, Uniform - "Not Surprised"

Boris went pretty (W), glammy (Heavy Rocks) and drony (Fade) with their trio of 2022 albums. On their new collab with New York noise-rockers Uniform, they're going ugly — in the best way possible. "Not Surprised" is a smoldering, doomy dirge that Uniform's Michael Berdan howls over like a wounded warrior getting his eyes pecked out by vultures. It's fucking brutal, haunting and visceral, and we can't wait for the whole album it appears on.

Movements - "Fail You"

Movements sure do know how to write a catchy hook. "Fail You" is a swaggering, emotionally dripping post-hardcore bop in the vein of Coheed and Cambria and early Circa Survive, but with a touch of Dance Gavin Dance-y funkiness. Fans of a band like I Prevail could probably even get down with this jam. Plus, its lyrics about the anxieties of letting your partner down hit like a punch in the gut. "But I know I'll fail you again." Oof.