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6 Best New Songs Right Now: 7/5/19

Refused, Uniform & the Body, Thou and more
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photograph by David Wolff - Patrick/Redferns

Here at Revolver, we're always on the hunt for new songs to bang our heads to — indeed, it's a big part of our jobs. With that in mind, here are the tracks released this week in metal, hard rock and hardcore that have been on heavy rotation at Revolver HQ. For your listening pleasure, we've also compiled the songs in a Spotify playlist, which will grow each week.

Refused - "Chippin In"
It's pretty doubtful that when Refused released their genre-defying and redefining classic The Shape of Punk to Come in 1998, they were speculating on what extreme music would sound like 80 years later. That album title, in fact, is now taking on fresh meaning, as the band just released a new song, "Chippin' In," for the soundtrack of the video game Cyberpunk 2077. The futuristic context seems to have reinvigorated the post-hardcore pioneers — the tune absolutely rips like nothing on Refused's comeback album, Freedom, quite did.

Uniform & The Body - "Penance"
Following up last year's joint LP Mental Wounds Not Healing, NYC industrial-punks Uniform and Rhode Island noise-metal crew the Body are back with a new collaborative effort, Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back, and as should be expected, their latest head-to-head meeting utilizes every ounce of anxiety-filled savagery the collective could muster. Lead single "Penance" is far from one-dimensional, though — to the contrary, the track is rife with infectious dance beats and unexpectedly alluring synth lines that starkly contrast the hellish frenzy they surround.

Aura Noir - "Belligerent 'Til Death"
Appearing on an exclusive 7-inch included with the special-edition of True Norwegian Black Metal photographer Peter Beste's latest book Defenders of the Faith, Aura Noir's "Belligerent 'Til Death" is a hard-to-find cult classic in the making. Raw, nasty and totally necro, it's everything fans of the long-running Scandinavian blackened thrash unit could hope for.

Immortal Bird - "Quisquillian Company"
Chicago's Immortal Bird are damn near impossible to pin down, which, we suspect, is just how they want it. One second, they're blasting like a crusty grindcore crew, the next they're hailing wintry demons with black-metal exhortations, or chugging and scraping out death-metal grooves, or meditating in washes of eerie ambience. Labyrinthine in the best way, "Quisquillian Company" has all of the above and more.

Foscor - "Cel Rogent"
Foscor's "Cel Rogent" follows in the great tradition of Spanish surrealism in that, much like a Dali or Miró, its elements make little sense when separated, but combined, they merge on some mysterious focal point where they mesh, breed and explode outward in a brilliantly unique showing of effervescent light. Pummeling beats compressed in the underbelly of the production give rise to whispered passages and droning guitar, a whirling storm of clashing sounds that open little by little to expose the beauty hidden within.

Prolific NOLA heavyweights Thou's contribution to Riffs for Reproductive Justice — a newly released comp raising money for abortion access — is an exclusive cover of Leadbelly's "Where Did You Sleep Last Night," a song popularized, of course, by Nirvana on MTV Unplugged. Stretched out into a nine-minute sludge-athon here, it takes on a whole different heft and menace, leading the listener into a glorious lysergic trance.