6 Best New Songs Right Now: 8/6/21 | Revolver

6 Best New Songs Right Now: 8/6/21

Dying Wish, Full of Hell, 3TEETH and more
Dying Wish Live Ian Enger , Ian Enger
Dying Wish
photograph by Ian Enger

Here at Revolver, we're always on the hunt for new songs to bang our heads to — indeed, it's a big part of our jobs. With that in mind, here are the tracks released this week in metalcore, industrial, hardcore and more that have been on heavy rotation at Revolver HQ. For your listening pleasure, we've also compiled the songs in an ever-evolving Spotify playlist.

Dying Wish - "Until Mourning Comes"
The building blocks of a great metalcore song are quite simple — screamed verses, clean chorus and a breakdown or two — but actually putting them together in a way that sounds fresh is deceptively tricky. Rising Portland crew Dying Wish are professional architects in that regard, and their new single "Until Mourning Comes" is a structural achievement. Compositionally, it calls back to turn-of-the-millennium crushers like Bleeding Through and Killswitch Engage, but the band have a raw heaviness that sounds distinct to this generation of hardcore kids who grew up on deathcore. 

Full of Hell - "Industrial Messiah Complex" 
You never know exactly what you're going to get from a Full of Hell song. The grindcore innovators have always had a particular fondness for ear-bleeding noise textures, and their last two records saw them throw death-metal riffage into the mix. "Industrial Messiah Complex" keeps all of that and also tosses in some skronky noise-rock riffs for good measure. There's no reason why it should work as well as it does. 

Underoath - "Hallelujah" 
New Underoath is incoming, and all of the old-school fans in the back should have their ears perked up. The Florida metalcore champions have a hankering for heavy once again, and their new single "Hallelujah" brings back the bite of Define the Great Line while simultaneously including a devilishly catchy chorus — which happens to be boosted by an actual fucking choir. They're no longer chasing safety. 

3TEETH - "Paralyze" Feat. Ho99o9
There's never been a better time in modern history to be a post-apocalyptic industrial-metal band. As society crumbles around us, L.A.'s 3TEETH are here to provide the end-times soundtrack, and they've brought along rap-punk miscreants Ho99o9 for their latest joint. It's eerie, it's a social commentary on our paralyzed political environment and it's heavy as fuck. 

One Step Closer - "Chrysanthemum"
The first single from One Step Closer's upcoming debut, which we premiered back in June, was the type of emotionally pained melodic hardcore music that's been passed on throughout the generations by bands like Turning Point, Have Heart and even Title Fight. On their latest track, the Wilkes-Barre upstarts go darker and heavier, with cavernous production and huge riffs. If your taste skews moshy but you still appreciate authentic pathos, give this a try. 

Fuming Mouth - "They Take What They Please"
All 39 songs on Triple B Records' new compilation, America's Hardcore Vol. 5, is thoroughly worth your time, but Fuming Mouth's contribution is a clear standout. The Boston band are known for channelling death-metal savagery through hardcore's spry spirit, but here they nod to Obituary by slowing down to a mid-paced stomp and building the song around a chanting refrain. "They rape the land and take what they please," is what vocalist Mark Whelan bellows, and by the second time around you will be, too.