6 New Songs You Need to Hear Now: 8/24/18 | Revolver

6 New Songs You Need to Hear Now: 8/24/18

Super Unison, Counterparts, Revocation and more
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Super Unison
photograph by Reid Haithcock

Here at Revolver, we're always on the hunt for great new music — indeed, it's a big part of our jobs. With that in mind, here are the tracks released this week in metal, hard rock, hardcore and beyond that have been on heavy rotation at Revolver HQ. For your listening pleasure, we've also compiled the songs in a Spotify playlist, below, which will grow each week.

Super Unison - "Falcon" 
Oakland trio Super Unison have been delivering a stunning and aggressive take on post-hardcore, ever since their debut LP Auto that dropped back in 2016. Now, they've upped the ante even more on new song "Falcon" from their forthcoming album Stella. The band sink further into its influences with guitar work that sounds similar to what Hum was pushing out, but vocalist Meghan O'Neil is a vicious and completely unique presence on the track. 

Devouring Star - "Scar Inscriptions"
The masterminds behind Dark Descent Records (Blood Incantation, Spectral Voice) rarely waste listeners' time with anything but abject sonic assault, and with this week's stream of black-metal act Devouring Star's latest track "Scar Inscriptions," the formula continues to work. A seven-minute malevolent trudge through traditional black-metal tropes, "Scar Inscriptions" manages to fit concisely within the stringent boundaries of the black-metal rule book while refusing to sound stagnant. Devouring Star's The Arteries of Heresy is out October 26th.

King Dude ft. Josephine Olivia - "Good and Bad"
Sexually charged neon-noir scenes provide the perfect video backdrop to urbane folk artist King Dude's collaboration with Baltimore singer-songwriter Josephine Olivia. Under the smoky tones of Olivia's rich voice lies a tender innocence, standing in perfect contradiction to the melancholy carnality of King Dude. Lines blur between good and bad, an aggressively sensual saxophone urges the duet toward instinct, and the narrative plays out like some kind of smutty jazz porn. King Dude's latest full-length Music to Make War to is out today. 

Counterparts - "Selfishly I Sink"
Counterparts have a new b-side EP Private Room on the way, and you'd be hard-pressed to say that any of the songs released so far have been anything short of quality. "Selfishly I Sink" hooks together flourishes of highly technical guitar work with satisfyingly dumb-heavy chug riffs. Things hit a thunderstorm of a breakdown at the tail end of the song, slowing its tempo more and more for a heavy, yet optimistic, final few notes. 

Trashlight - "Metamerism"
Trashlight's reverb-drenched post-punk and dual masculine/femme vocals immediately bring to mind the March Violets, but laser-like samples and an unorthodox backbeat prevent "Metamerism" from falling prey to the new-wave nostalgia trap. The driving bassline sits heavy in the mix, weighing down flighty guitars and spacey synth. Cold, catchy, and infectious to final note, the New Orleans group prove themselves worthy peers in the new school of dark- and cold-wave acts like Drab Majesty, Ritual Veil and Soft Kill.

Revocation - "The Outer Ones"
Over nearly 20 years, Revocation have constantly been pushing their technical death metal to more adventurous levels with each subsequent release. On September 28th they'll be launching their new album The Outer Ones, and if the LP's title-track is a representative of where things are heading: its gonna be a far-out release. The track truly feels alien, guitar work resembles a traditional death-metal structure, but there's an added chaos to everything happening in the fray, leading to a song worthy of its out-there theme.