6 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week: 12/1/17 | Revolver

6 New Songs You Need to Hear This Week: 12/1/17

Napalm Death, Mammoth Grinder and more
Napalm Death 2014 Getty , Xavi Torrent/Redferns via Getty Images
photograph by Xavi Torrent/Redferns via Getty Images

Here at Revolver, we're always on the hunt for great new music — indeed, it's a big part of our jobs. With that in mind, here are the tracks released this week in metal, hard rock and hardcore that have been on heavy rotation at Revolver HQ. For your listening pleasure, we've also compiled the songs in a Spotify playlist, which will grow each week.

Napalm Death - "Nurse the Hunger"
Propelled by a galloping d-beat and terse black-metal riffage, Napalm Death's previously unreleased track "Nurse the Hunger" — a one-off from the sessions for 2015's Apex Predator – Easy Meat — is underground excellence at its finest. The Birmingham boys might not be in full-on grindcore-assault mode on this rarity, but don't you dare drop your guard: Their chaotic racket remains as lethal as ever. 

Mammoth Grinder - "Superior Firepower"
Power Trip's current lap around the universe isn't stopping drummer Chris Ulsh from reigniting the fires of Mammoth Grinder, his death-metal side project, for which he sings and plays bass. The group's latest single is as ugly as it is muscular, combining Iljarn-style rhythms with Autopsy-level aggression and punk-rock fury to create something crusty and nasty, swarming with flies and throbbing with hatred.

Genocide Pact - "Conquered and Disposed"
Genocide Pact is a new death-metal band from Washington, D.C., fronted by local hardcore powerhouse Connor Donegan (Protester, Red Death, Pure Disgust). A blasphemous merger of Stockholm-steeped black metal and unhinged all-American hardcore, their new ripper "Conquered and Disposed" finds the band making subtle revisions to the brutish, breakdown-heavy sound of their upbringing. A hit of pure dynamic adrenaline with zero filler.

Marijannah - "Snakecharmer"
Break out the hot knives and water pipes: This week brings some terrific stoner doom from Marijannah, a Singapore outfit featuring members from Wormrot — better known as the fiercest grindcore group in the South Pacific  — and the pop-punk band the Caulfield Cult. On their debut single "Snakecharmer," the four-piece pay ear-splitting homage to the resin-caked canon as drafted by Electric Wizard, Witchfinder General, et al., percolating their other bands' latent aggression through hazy melodies and ten-ton guitar riffs. 

The Soft Moon - "It Kills"
The song's foreboding title says it all. Luis Vasquez's latest single as the Soft Moon, "It Kills," is an industrial crusher evocative of early Killing Joke, insidiously tuneful and yet deeply disturbing. And yet, for all the dread inherent in the Bay Area glitch-wizard's bleak cornerstones — the screaming synths, clobbering beats — one can't help but be charmed.

Husbandry - "Hierba Mala Nunca Muere"
Fronted by powerhouse alto Carina Zachary, Brooklyn outfit Husbandry traffics in a sophisticated blend of post-hardcore, soul and sludge metal that defies easy categorization. When it comes to this highlight off the group's great new EP, Bad Weeds Never Die, the band's previous self-characterization — "Fugazi meets Aaliyah" — fits the bill; Zachary's eerie swoops provide the perfect dulcet counterpart to her bandmates' Melvins-y churn, upping the dynamic ante with aplomb and effortlessness.