7 Best New Songs Right Now: 9/17/21 | Revolver

7 Best New Songs Right Now: 9/17/21

Bring Me the Horizon, Monolord, ZillaKami and more
Bring Me the Horizon Press Photo 2021, Reece Owen
Bring Me the Horizon
photograph by Reece Owen

Here at Revolver, we're always on the hunt for new songs to bang our heads to — indeed, it's a big part of our jobs. With that in mind, here are the tracks released this week in doom, metalcore, trap-metal and more that have been on heavy rotation at Revolver HQ. For your listening pleasure, we've also compiled the songs in an ever-evolving Spotify playlist

ZillKami - "Chewing Gum"
After releasing numerous projects as one-half of the insane New York City-based rap-metal miscreants City Morgue, ZillaKami dropped his debut solo album today, DOG BOY. Opening track "Chewing Gum" begins with an intro from Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor and then descends into ZillaKami barking about "playing Fortnite in real life" over a chainsawing metal riff that buzzes above clattering drums. Even without his City Morgue companion SosMula on the track, the intensity never lets up.

Monolord - "The Weary"
Gothenburg trio Monolord are one of Revolver HQ's favorite contemporary doom acts, and they returned this week with a swampy new single called "The Weary" that pulls together both ends of the low-and-slow spectrum. It kicks off with a gushing waterfall of fuzz that pours over tense drum smacks and a dark lead riff that sounds like it's building up to something all-consuming. Instead, the heaviness peters out and in comes one of the catchiest stoner-metal melodies in recent memory. Something for everyone in the bong rotation.

Every Time I Die - "Planet Shit"
Every Time I Die have already released a hefty helping of singles from their upcoming LP, Radical, but "Planet Shit" is the best one yet. The Buffalo metalcore shredders have always had a political bent to their music, but frontman-lyricist Keith Buckley isn't taking prisoners in the post-Trump years. "No future with a racist past/Oh, but we can't acknowledge that/So we burn a cross and pray to a flag," he howls with a fed-up sneer. Eventually, he strips away the cleverness and starts dealing physical blows over berating breakdowns. "Who's fucking side are you on?" he demands, only to throw his arms up moments later and bury the body with a, "Fuck you, die."

Makthaverskan - "This Time"
It's been a big week for Gothenburg bands. Monolord's local peers in Makthaverskan announced their fourth LP, För Allting, and dropped a positively stunning lead single called "This Time." Post-punk and dream-pop almost seem like warring genres on paper, but Makthaverskan find a way to blend the shadowy thrust of the former with the honeyed glow of the latter. It's got all the cloudy ambiance and sweet melodies of the Cocteau Twins, the emotional affectation of the Cure and the jittery drive of bands like DIIV and A Place to Bury Strangers. 

Bring Me the Horizon - "DiE4u"
There's not a single band from Bring Me the Horizon's world of 'core who've achieved the sonic progression that they have, and so much of their singularity should be credited to their masterful understanding of the sounds, styles and production techniques of contemporary pop, hip-hop and electronic music. Their new song "DiE4u" doesn't sound like them catching up to, but setting the pace, for what they've dubbed "future emo," which is basically them adding metalcore flourishes to what artists like Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud are doing. Other, bigger acts will surely try to do the same thing, but BMTH's decade-plus history in that world will always give them a crucial leg up.

AngelMaker - "Creators Conscience" 
Earlier this year, we included AngelMaker's 2016 album Dissentient in our list of 15 essential deathcore albums, and the Vancouver unit continue to make music that can be described as such. Their new single "Creators Conscience" is a triumphant detonation that utilizes both of their vocalists and all three of their guitarists to unleash a mine-field-like assault on the listener. Yeah, it's heavy as fuck pretty much the whole way through, but the most stunning quality is how much melody comes shining through the guitar leads. The most climactic parts almost have a black-metal-esque beauty to them. 

Dying Wish - "Severing the Senses"
Sure, there are a lot of bands in the hardcore scene who are throwing back to Y2k metalcore these days, but none of them have that Dying Wish "x" factor. Take "Severing the Senses," in which the Portland unit don't waste a second by immediately diving into a pummeling breakdown (a clever trick they pulled on previous single "Until Mourning Comes") and then pulling back into At the Gates-style riffage. Frontperson Emma Boster's scathing tell-off to a life-ruining abuser is the song's emotional crux, but even if you're just tuning in to bang your head, it's moments like the second-long instrumental pause during the first verse and the swelling guitar ambience at the end that show just how smart their songwriting is.