7Seconds: See Kevin Seconds and Shepard Fairey Talk 'The Crew' Design, Fanzines, Punk Ethos | Revolver

7Seconds: See Kevin Seconds and Shepard Fairey Talk 'The Crew' Design, Fanzines, Punk Ethos

Hardcore pioneer and famed visual artist reflect on how punk culture changed their lives

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7Seconds' 1984 debut, The Crew, is an unquantifiably influential punk record that single-handedly created the melodic hardcore genre and is still being musically referenced by bands today. Earlier this year, the Reno band teamed up with Trust Records for a proper vinyl reissue of their crown jewel, which comes with a 20-page oral history of the record and the era it spawned from.

One of the talking heads who contributes to the chronicling is renowned visual artist and hardcore punk OG Shepard Fairey, who's best known today for designing President Obama's iconic "Hope" poster.

To celebrate the recent reissue, Trust has paired Fairey up with 7Seconds frontman Kevin Seconds for an in-depth conversation about The Crew's notorious artwork, fanzines, punk ethos and how their experiences as hardcore kids transformed their lives and influenced their careers to this day. 

The 20-minute video serves as the inaugural episode for Trust's new One Two Me You series, and it's a professionally shot and edited interview in Fairey's studio that's essential watching for 7Seconds old-timers and young hardcore kids alike. Check it out above via YouTube. 

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