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Adam Jones Shares Video Hinting Tool Have Started Recording New Album

Guitarist's mysterious clip heralds apparent "Day 1" studio sessions
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At long last, it appears Tool have entered the studio to begin work on their long-awaited follow-up to 2006's 10,000 Days — and we've got footage to show for it. Earlier today, March 6th, the band's guitarist Adam Jones uploaded a mysterious video to Instagram (which you can view below) that shows an amp moving as someone remarks, "Shit," repeated over and over on a loop — captioned with " ~ Day 1," followed by a CD emoji. The post lines up with Jones' recent revelation that the band would start recording the hotly anticipated new album in March, so it's safe to assume that prog-metal mischief's afoot.

Frontman Maynard James Keenan gave an encouraging update on the status of the as-of-yet untitled record last week, tweeting, "words & melodies 100% done but all but 1 [track]. Someday we'll track them. Long way from the finish line, but at least we're closer." Earlier that week, Jones commented on Sebastian Bach and Buzz Osborne's recent visit to Tool HQ, where they heard some of the new material: "Huge fun & honor performing all the new tunes for Guinea pigs Sebastian & #KingBuzz b4 the recording starts in March," Jones wrote on Instagram. "Still instrumentals with Mjk [Maynard James Keenan] in town working on killer lyrics. Exciting!"

~ Day 1

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