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Airbnb Host Denies Metal Fan Lodging Due to "Disturbing" Music Taste

Death Blooms fan refused service because hosts "not comfortable with the nature" of band's music
Death Blooms live shot

In what feels like a confounding throwback to the goofy Satanic panic of the Reagan and Thatcher years, an Airbnb guest was recently refused a room based on her "aggressive, expletive-riddled and disturbing" music taste.

As Metal Hammer reported, a metalhead in the U.K. named Kayleigh was attempting to book a stay at an Airbnb in Bristol while she was in town to see the nu-metal torchbearers Death Blooms. Somehow, the host of the property got wind of her plans and allegedly decided to reject her request based solely on her music taste, stating that they were "not comfortable with the nature of this music."

When Kayleigh reached back out and asked them to give a reason for their refusal, the hosts said that they "have no issue with anybody's taste in music," but that they "find [Death Blooms'] music and lyrics aggressive, expletive-riddled and disturbing."

Kayleigh eventually got ahold of Airbnb's support team, who gave her a vague, corporate-speak promise to "take a closer look [at the situation]," claiming that they were already "in contact with the guest and host on the matter."

According to the company's official Community Commitment and Community Standards non-discrimination policy, guests are not allowed to be refused rooms based on legally protected characteristics — such as race, gender, sexuality, etc. However, hosts are given the leeway to turn a customer down based on "personal preference," which may include guests who smoke or have pets with them. 

Theoretically, based on those stipulations, it does seem within bounds for a host to behave like it's 1983 and turn down a weary traveler based on their affinity for metal music. Fortunately, Death Blooms have already made the most of the situation by creating a new shirt that has the words, "aggressive, expletive-written, disturbing," emblazoned on the back. 

The band promise that if they sell out the tee then they'll pay for Kayleigh's stay at a nice hotel to catch their show on September 21st. You can snag the shirt here, but be careful where you wear it. If you sport it while showing up to the Airbnb you rented, you might be out on the street that night. 

Death Blooms shirt